Aprilia RS250 1999 Mugello Replica

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  • Hi guys,

    i will need some help to find some parts, im checking ebay and lebocoin everyday, but till now no sucess

    1- ~~Driver Seat OEM for RS250 1998-2003

    2- Low.rear fairing lockup - AP8138893

    3 - Saddle support cover - AP8139785

    for now this 3 parts are the most important for me to start the project

    if you know something, hit me up please

    thanks guys!

  • @NINJA OMG, thank you! I already found all parts i need from a guy on the group, except the seat.

    And for a very good price

  • hi

    when i say it will be mugello replica, it need to be complete. the rider must have the right equipment πŸ˜„

    hope you like, it was custom made with AGV k3 helmet, done by Adriano Versa (Italian Designer of helmets, bikes, etc )

    the worst thing about original replicas, is that they are really old helmets, they look better ofc. but they have a lifetime of 5 years, after that it compromise our safety. that way i prefered to make a custom replica in a brand new helmet.

    alt text

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  • Hi guys

    quick update on the parts that i already found and bought.

    Used OEM Brembo discs x2

    Used Genuine Complete Headlight

    Used complete back light with licence holder

    New Genuine Windshield

    Used driver seat

    Used Low rear fairing lockup

    thanks to @NINJA for the facebook group's , found almost every part used there.

    Next month, i hope i can order this parts:

    Brembo RCS 17 with the TWM clutch( some guys told me better then rcs19 for rs250) and Brembo Rear Disc

    i cant buy much more parts for now, unfortunately i damaged the engine of my pitbike. and will not be cheap to repair i guess 😞

  • hi

    yesterday i started to remove parts from the rs, to send to the powder coating. i want to remove the wheels too , but i need a stand to keep the bike straight. i already have one that i use for the rs125, but i need one for the front, so that way i can remove both wheels without problems. any suggestion?

    btw, im doing pretty fine removing parts from a bike for the first time. but i'm struggling with some bolts and nuts that are very hard to remove. for example on both front brembo calipers i cant remove the nut that connects the braking cable.

    i think i need some more tools to have at my home. once again, i accept suggestion for tools

  • i was bored at home, and i said to myself that i can remove the engine of the bike and save some cash not paying to someone to do it for me.

    so i did

    looks very dirt inside
    alt text

    out of the frame already
    alt text

    alt text

    i may be wrong but i think this engine never left the frame of the bike in 20 years πŸ˜„
    alt text

    look the powevalve housing, this after a cleaning with absorvent paper. when i opened lots of burned oil leaked
    alt text

    piston, i dont have a clue if its very bad condition or not. what you guys think?
    alt text

    cylinder head, no ideia again if bad or not
    alt text

    what's your opinions? full rebuild since i have engine out? btw, the engine i will not touch, no skills for that.

    this was the first time i worked on a bike, im proud of myself that i did it. i organized all parts and screws on zip bags to not lose anything.

    hope you like it!

  • Hey looking smart.

    I mean, it's out now, may as well rebuild it yourself.

    I dunno, depends whether you want it rebuilt or not. What's the mileage? These types of bikes tend to be owned by more mature owners so don't tend to need to rebuilding as often.

    At worst, I'd throw a set of rings in there. They actually say not to clean the carbon off the piston as it retains the heat and allows the gases to propagate faster = more power. Well there goes the theory.

    The head should be polished to a mirror sheen though.

    Looking good though.

  • @Calum 15.000 km i think, its estimated time for a change of pistons i guess.

    i would love to rebuild it myself, but i will not risk this engine. first i need to learn on dtx and rs 125 then i will adventure on this beast.

    i think i will replace everything, pistons, pv's, pulleys, water inlets , basically make a complety fresh engine. then i will know what to expect from the engine.

    i will take more time to make it running but i have more insurance that it dont break so easily.

    btw, what products you guys use to clean engine, carbs and general parts? i heard brake cleaner is good, but want to know what you use first.

  • @pedrobatista10 You can clean most things with Carb cleaner, which is not too abrasive. πŸ˜‰

  • what method should i use to paint the calipers?

    and should i rebuild the calipers or no need?

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @pedrobatista10 If you can get the parts to rebuild, then I would.

    I remember one day riding to work, the rear brake seals failed. Leaking fluid all over my wheels. Discolouring the paint work 😞

  • It's a Suzuki rgv250 engine in these isn't it?

  • @DTR-NSR That's correct.

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