'02 DT125R power valve

  • A few months ago my rear power valve cable (2) snapped. I then replaced the cable, as you do, now the servo will not line up with the hole no matter how much i adjust either cables, at the moment the rear cable is all the way out and the front is all the way in as this makes the holes line up as much as possible. However now the power valve opens at around 7k rpm when it used to open at 6k, the bike also used to get to 9k rpm red line however now i'm lucky to get it to 8k.

    I have searched long and hard looking for a way to fix this but haven't found anything (tried the drill bit trick and didn't work) so could anybody on here help out in any way

  • Try slacking both cables right off, allow the power valve motor to cycle into it's rest position and reset cables
    Would definitely pull out the power valve and give it all a good clean, why did the other cable fail?
    Also check pulley on motor isnt/hasnt slipped

  • @Calum Wasn't there a tutorial about how to set-up the PV correctly, as I can't seem to find it for some reason???

  • @NINJA not that I recall.

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