Dutchie going long distance on a DT...

  • Hi fellow smokers,

    Time to introduce myself, I'm a Dutch motorcycle tourer.
    I did various trips on different motorcycles mainly in Europe and Asia.

    4 stroke has many advantages for long distance touring, but I just LOVE 2 stroke...
    So I decided to follow my heart and not my head on this one...

    Since there aren't many 2 strokes being made anymore for long distance touring, I decided to get a DT125.
    For this summer I am planning a trip to Morocco to do on that DT.

    I have so many questions and challenges yet to overcome.

    1. Has anyone had a larger fuel tank made? Or what are my options here?

    2. Luggage, I have seen some DT with a rack, but there is nothing available right? Does anyone have experience mounting rackless systems such as the Mosko moto one?

    3. Front wheel, how hard is it to fit a 21 inch front wheel in a DTX? Or would it be better to just get a DTR? Or DTRE?

    Since the DT's are quire rare in the Netherlands I bought the first one that I could find, a fine looking DTX.
    But would a DTR be a lot better?

    Below a picture of the bike I got:

  • @Jbplap Welcome aboard! Nice example of the DTX you have there. πŸ‘

  • Oh man, nice plans, I always wanted to make a longer trip on my DT once its done, but not like the Morocco one you're planning.
    To answer your questions, there arent any extra-capacity tanks and Ive never heard about anyone making it, just as Ive never saw a RE/X DT with a luggage rack, only the older ones had them but I guess with some welding job you could end up with something similar. To install 21" front wheel you'd have to make a brake caliper spacer, or buy a DT125X hub and 21 rim and make your own wheel, some guys are selling complete sets of wheels with RE forks so its easier then.
    In my opinion, original exhaust with original jetting would be better for a longer trip, and that would save up some fuel too, also the kickstarter setup could be useful if your battery failed.
    Anyway, have luck with the trip!

  • Hello!

    Lovely looking DTX you have.

    If you need a more trail road setup then you will want the whole setup from a DTR. I'd look at getting the DTRE setup as forks etc are little stiffer.

    But keep your DTX setup as that is a far superior bit of kit.

    As far as racks and tanks go you'd want to look at the DT 125 Tenere.

    alt text

    If you got the rear subframe from it you could fit the luggage rack and parts. I don't know if the tank is bigger. I think it is.

  • Thank you all, its a start at least πŸ™‚ I will need to do something to prep her, but looking forward to that.

    Cool, where do you plan to go?
    If you talk about luggage rack you are only talking about the one on the back? for like a topcase/luggageroll? I see them default on DTR indeed.
    I'm not too bothered by that one, I was talking about the ones on the side for side panniers.

    My ideal setup is something like this:

    And then have a quick release on the bags:

    But an easier/lighter alternative is:
    Which doesn't need a rack. But I'm not a big fan of the relatively small side pockets. For storing the tent etc.

    I tried to compare specs of the different models:
    https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_dt125x 05.htm
    https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_dt125r 98.htm

    They all use 41mm forks, so they are a straight swap? If I would get forks+wheel? And is there diff between the R and RE fork? travel seems the same?
    The RE/R ones do have 50mm more travel compared to the X.

    Advantage of the X is the bigger front disk. So wouldn't that just be the best option, to get a X hub and make my own wheel?
    But that would result in less travel though.

    How about the rears? Is that a straight swap? cause calipers seem the same there?
    Even though 17/18 is not such a big difference anyway.

    I don't quite get your message 😞 Can you elaborate please?
    You say the DTR setup is good for trails, but then say the RE is better? Is that compared to the R or compared to the X?
    But then you say to keep the X becuase its superior, so I'm confused now hehe.

    Right now I know a DTR for sale, but its 5 years older than mine and doesnt look as well maintained. You say stick with the X?

    Tenere tank:
    https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_dt125_tenere 89.htm
    Unfortunately doesnt list tank size.
    But even though it looks a tad bigger I'm afraid it won't be enough. So I will prolly need to look for somebody that makes custom tanks.
    That one I did find, but I'm not sure if aluminium is best, I really like the look of aftermarket IMS/Acerbis plastic see through tanks they have for other models, so you can see you fuel lvl.

    I would also think something like this is very handy:
    Camel tank.jpg
    But they don't have a default one for a DT, and I'm concerned its positioning will interfere with the oil tank.

    Btw: how many KM/miles can you do on average with a topped up oil tank?
    I know the capacity is 1.2L but not sure if I should get that enlarged too, besides carry extra oil anyway.
    My rude guess would be 1:40 on oil > 48 liters of fuel. 1:20 fuel consumption ~960 km to top up.
    Is that anywhere close to reality?

    Is there any other updates you guys recommend? I saw something about ignition, should I get that?

  • DTX's are worth more and handle better.

    I don't know the Moroccan terrain, but if it's offroading then the X wheels won't be ideal.

    DTRE's forks are slightly better than the DTR forks. Or that's just been my experience between the two.

    Yes, the DTR/E brakes are horrific. It starts getting expensive when you make custom wheels/tanks etc. Would be easier to just get a TDR250 or something more geared up for longer rides.

    I was thinking, on a budget you could try making do.

    I don't think the rears are a direct swap, different carriers etc. So ideally you need the whole lot.

  • @Calum
    Budget is not the most important factor for me.
    But I'm open to different 2 stroke suggestions ofcourse.

    A TDR250 is just not for sale in Netherlands, and found only 3 in Germany costing 6-10K lol.
    With that money I can make quite some adjustments, besides the TDR has a 14L tank, don't think it will have a better radius because its 2 cilinder double capacity engine.
    And ofc the 'base' of the bike would be a lot older (88-91 compared to an 06)

    My riding partner will most likely be on a CRF250L.
    So I reckoned 125 2s == 250 4s as thats how its categorized in MX too πŸ™‚

    But we are definitely looking to offroad a lot, so I want 21" front indeed.
    So I'll look into getting a hub/respoke this one.

  • I wouldn't respoke the DTX wheels if it were me.

    I'd just swap out the front wheel for an enduro and make up a bracket for the Brembo front caliper.

    Schematics are on this site.

  • @Jbplap These companies make some quality luggage systems for dual sport and adventure bikes, you could adapt them to fit your DTX I'm sure?



  • @Calum,
    The picture in your link is with X caliper and disc, but you cant mount the X disc to a RE hub?
    Becuase RE is like 3 x 2 pattern, and the X is just 6 evenly spread. Or are there oversized ones for a RE hub?

    It sucks that I can not make anything out of metal myself 😞

    Ive also seen your fork conversion, and that looks very interesting!
    Becuase just mounting a more modern MX/enduro bikes triple clamp + forks would ofc help wonders with the suspension and also solve the 21" issue.

    I found YSS shock that fits the DT model too, so that will be a nice upgrade too. Should work on X too right?

    Overall posting here gave me lots of new directions to search for options πŸ™‚

    Btw has anyone tried mounting a tank from another Yamaha model? Because there are bigger aftermarket tanks for eg a WR250 or YZ125, because they were quite popular.

    @Ninja, they don't really have the type I'm looking for.

    I found a company in NL that makes custom tank/racks, so I'm going to contact them soon to see what they can do for the DT.

  • @Jbplap Sounds like a good plan. πŸ‘

  • if you find a solution about the bigger tank i'd be interested in that too. if you keep the aftermarket chamber and put the stock silencer back you can probably keep the jetting near to stock and have a good compromise between power and consumption. i'd also keep in mind that the original dt forks are more easily repairable than the modern inverted ones. keep up the good job!

  • @autovictor said in Dutchie going long distance on a DT...:

    ave a good compr

    Will let you know, but dont expect anything cheap.
    Thinking it will be somewhere around 600 euro for a rear tank/rack.

    I did fit bigger footpegs πŸ™‚

    Does a luggage top rack (from a DTR) fit on a DTX frame?
    Is it straight bolt on, or would I need rear fender/side number panels as well

    Also thinking about an YZ125/250 89/90 fork, that is a straight swap right.
    Are those forks really decent?

  • @Calum why not make life easy? If the 17” is off no importance sell them or swap them for some regular DTR wheels and forks. Whilst the DTR forks are floppy as anything it’s also what makes them good in all scenarios and terrain which I have a feeling is going to be more helpful. However it is worth mentioning your bike will also be carrying a lot of extra weight.

    Good luck with your journey, can’t wait to see a DT do something like this. That being said if there’s any 125 two stroke I’d use to do this type of journey hands down it’d be a bog standard DT125R.

  • @dtStevie98 said in Dutchie going long distance on a DT...:

    Whilst the DTR forks are floppy as anything

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Hahha, I rode a stock DTR the other day, that front fork is WAY too soft, even without luggage, will need stiffer springs and prolly heavier oil.
    Also the front brake was lacking stopping power, so if I'm going the DTR forks it will be with the X caliper and preferably biggers discs.

    But I'm finding different hubs with diff brake disc patterns, so need to work that out.

    ANother solution is fork swap, thinking YZ 89-90 but not sure how much of an improvement that is.

    And recently I'm also thinking if a DTR might be a better base, see my question above about the rear top rack.
    Becuase luggage would be blocking the tail light of the X.

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