Gearbox bearing removal methods / tools?

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    I have bought a couple of different tools from eBay for removing bearings but they were all useless/broken/came with no instructions so I couldn't work out how they actually removed the bearings. Crank shaft bearings usually aren't an issue. It's the silly gearbox bearings that are recessed in a closed hole. Any recommendations tools wise? Thanks.

  • You will need a puller. Quite heavy duty I'd imagine.

    I always found, 160 degrees C in the Kitchen oven for about 10 mins and a cheap puller usually does the trick 😄

  • The others will all come out using an oven and a tabular drift.

    The more difficult ones you could pay a specialist to do. Would literally only cost a 5er 10er. Can't see it being more than that.

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    Yes I ended up giving my 250's cases to my local mechanic whilst he was fitting the new bits to my crankshaft. But with the cases, I imagine if there were any oil seals leftover in them, they would melt in the oven?! That's the only issue and reason I was searching for tools, would be nice not to have to remove all the seals to replace one bad bearing.

  • You mean an internal combustion engine, where the exhaust gases get to well over 1000 degrees and I shudder to think what the rest gets up to, would start to melt in the oven. Some seals I don't replace but they didn't melt.

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    Haha yeah okay fair enough..

  • Anyone got a link to a puller they know works for the DT bearings? I'll definitly give the 160 in the oven a go so cheers for that tip. Alos heard that freezing the bearings over night helps with refitting the new fellas.