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  • Hello all,

    New to the group so thought I'd say hello!

    Through this lockdown I decided to try and fix my friends 2005 DTR125, which has been stood for 2 and a half years.. I've never attempted anything like this before so I'm sure I will be seeking your knowledgable advice!

    Certainly enjoying reading through some threads so far.

    Thanks all,


  • @SimonR22 welcome and good luck!

  • Welcome aboard! Nice bike too, I have the most bizarre love hate relationship with RE’s, I can never actually tell if I like them or not but I must say on a 21-18 wheels and dirt tyres they suit the aggressive modern off road look so well. It reminds me of the first DT I ever saw

  • Hi Simon,

    Lovely DTRE you have there!

    You are in luck, these bikes are very simple to work on so you shouldn't have any issues. If you need help, be sure to open up a thread and ask away.

    There is lots of information already here so it might be worth having a nosey first to see if you can find anything useful.


  • @SimonR22 Welcome to the club!!! 👍

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