3BN 3pin YPVS Conversion

  • Has anyone had any experience or knowledge of retrofitting a 3pin YPVS to a ‘fixed’ PV on a 3bn engine?
    I’m guessing that it uses the blank 2pin plug and single wire (from CDI unit) and opens according to the revs that the CDI is ‘sending’...
    Does it use the standard valve or is the Powered one different?

  • Do you mean is the YPVS bobbin in the cylinder different?

    There are 2 types of valve from memory, one with a diamond shape on the end and one with a rectangular shape - I think that they use the same cable holder but I'm not 100% on this

    My TDR125 came without a servo motor so I bought a 3 wire one and it looks like it will fit straight on. Not sure if the later 5 wire one can be adapted to fit either if thats what you were kind of asking

  • Nah the 5 wire one uses a different CDI and loom. It was the bobbin I was wondering about

  • As far as I am aware only one drive pulley, all mine early models.

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