• I bought a cheap bandit last year and have been slowly improving it. Running a bit rough over the extended lockdown so went for a casual ride on the motorway and back through the meon valley. Used back lanes mainly and speed low, new tyres, when 2 guys on Newish litre bikes came up behind quickly. Approaching a bend (and it was just a lane), both overtook. Can you guess the outcome?...
    As I rounded the corner one guy had come off on his sparkly big bike, big cloud of dust but he was uninjured. Be aware there's a lot of shit on the roads where traffic is much reduced, my own risk analysis was they were going too fast even if the roads were good. He was a tool, in his late fifties so should no better, fat c*** could have had me off too.

  • Gpd! You had me worried about you for a moment!

    Glad you are okay. The other thing is where you may have packed the bikes up for a while, it can be easy to overestimate your skill.

  • He definitely had ability deficit syndrome. Really wanted to ask him about abs and traction control, guess that's not going to save you from stupidity.

  • @oldman it's idiots like that can give bikers a bad name. When I go riding with a group of mates we take turns to lead and the others follow untill the leader waves you on to lead. The only rule, strictly no overtaking each other and nobody ever breaks that rule as we all know the dangers and it sounds to me like he's old enough to know better, not some crazy fearless teenager.

  • but i say to be careful with car drivers. And in summer finland is going to have really dangerous law "gettting out of way if someone breaks laws" examble if somebodt is coming behind tringle in a turn and doesnt give you way as he/she should. drives over you now you and this guy is in a problem because you didnt dodge him and he drove over you. Very da┬┤ngerous law

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