Is there a good dual sport tyre?

  • I know this has probably been kicked the ass out of, but I haven’t found any kind of satisfying answer. Is there a good road/trail tyre that stands out? I’m not talking motoX. Just good trail/green lane type knobbly. Money isn’t really the question, quality is...
    Please give recommendations on performance, not points for style 😜 It needs to stick to a road but offer some realistic kind of mud traction...
    I’d really, really, appreciate any views on this...

  • I use tkc 80s, right balance of grip on and off road for me, too off road biased for some but served me well

  • Now this is something I can help you with. First thing you need to ask yourself how often you use the bike off road and what aspect of performance are you willing to trade off as believe me you’ll have a hard time finding an off road tyre that grips in loose mud, corners like Rossi on the road and lasts longer the mandingo not to mention without sacrificing rolling resistance.
    There’s a lot of really good options out there, it really just about the tool for the job.

  • It’s an 60/40 bias towards road. Even though I ride road 80% of the time. I’d prefer it to be sticky rather than rolly, if that makes sense.

  • @SpookDog my spare tyre is an enduro Mitas tyre I forget the bias but it seems like the ultimate green laner to me it has flatter edges so you can corner confident on the road check it out

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