Gear lever oil seal

  • My gear lever oilseal is leaking do i have to remove the seal?

  • Sounds like it needs replacing. You wouldneed to drain the oil first and make sure the surrounding area is free of oil, dirt and grit before installing a new seal.

    Just make sure it definitely is leaking from there first.

  • It’s easy enough to do. Drain oil, remove casing from other side. Remove gearshift. Slid out gear shaft, clean. Remove/replace oil seal. Grease shaft and reassemble...
    More or less...

  • Its leaking from there because i changed the front sprocket seal already

  • Yeah, I only say that because it could be leaking from the crank case halves and it looks like gear shaft oil seal.

  • Just done the one on my 3SH - when you put the new one in make sure that you cover the gear lever shaft with tape so it does not damage the seal when you push it through. Budget for a new clutch cover gasket and oil as well.

    BTW do not lose the clutch ball bearing!

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