Fork bushes

  • Rebuilding a set of forks and need lower (inner) bushes for stanchions, not the ones that slide up and down but the fixed position ones at tha bottom of stanchions. No problem getting the outer bushes but can't find others. Checked Fowler's, csmnl etc but exploded diagram only shows/ lists upper bushes?

  • I couldn’t find any either. Most wear happens at the top end anyway...

  • Not on mine sadly, 30k plus mileage

  • If check a dt200r diagram. Might get lucky... I did that for something else and it wasn't listed on the 125r diagram

  • Mines a 1988 with lies on the clock😉
    I know it doesn’t sound right, I felt exactly the same way. Forks apart, so why scrimp on a tenner?! But top bushes and seals will breath new life back into the front end...
    The bottom bush still gets as much travel as the tops, but they are bathed in oil and seem not as affected by seal failure and grit as the top ones...

    My Caliper side fork had failed entirely and was oil empty, thankfully the Stantion wasn’t scored. My forks are schwifty and oil right now. Try and get people who’s done a fork overhaul to say if there’s were successful without bottom bushes. But if you find an outlet for bottom bushes please, please let me know!
    Good luck,

  • Forks were rebuilt 3 years ago with new top bushes, quality oil and seals and meticulously cleaned. See my build thread on the red 88 for level of attention to detail. There is a knocking when braking so decided to strip again and check. There is play in the lower bushes both laterally and vertically while the replaced top bushes are fine. Have contacted Yamaha and provided them with photos of required part so when I get a response will keep you posted. Head bearings were also replaced 3 years ago and are still perfect, I could just use it as is as rides ok but just annoying for me as it shouldn't do it. Have spare forks and will be stripping them to compare or use bushes if I can't get replacements. Both the other 2 bikes rebuilt have been fine (1 X 88, 1 X 89).

  • Sorry, didn’t realise oldman was a Jedi name 😜

    I know it’s a bitch when you can’t get parts that are readily available for other bikes. I can’t get hold of a diaphragm for the front brake reservoir. Could buy a whole new Chinese replacement, but that’s the point. Doing it right.
    I bet there’s a hundred other forks use the same size bush. It’s just knowing what’s what ☹️ If you’ve got some that you can measure, post the inner and outer diameter and depth of bush. Might be able to find one...

  • Just an afterthought, if the bush is that bad, what is the fork bottom inner like for wear?...

  • Apologies for the late reply, time limited. Had a reply from Yamaha with same exploded parts diagram as Fowler's,etc and a frustrating lacklustre reply. Surprising given all my previous contact with them has been excellent.
    I sent a reply suggesting they revisit their response and asked for contact details of Yamaha Japan if they were unable to assist further. Received another reply asking for frame no so sent that this eve.
    I did also ask about replacing a helmet lock key for the 81mx, given I have the frame and lock number with a negative response, only to purchase a new one (same style as Dt, only difference stamped lock no). May try a Yamaha dealer if all else fails.
    Have also sent email to brooks suspension for their advice re bushes and waiting to hear from them.
    Will update this post when I can.

  • If you have some bottom bushes to hand please measure them. I’d like to know the size...
    I’d start by checking out other 41mm forks and see if the bushes are comparable. Even if they need trimming down to fit...

    It’s like the front exhaust rubber mount. Loads of money for a yam one but pennies for a cx500 one (don’t quote me on the cx500 though! 😜)

  • Still waiting for follow up reply from Yamaha, going to try a place been recommended to me, if only I could remember the name, doh!

  • Hello,

    I am also scheduling a fork rebuild on my DT125X, it does not leak at all and in unsprung state it doesn't have any play but if I hold the front brake and spring it in and out, there are centimetres of play and in high speed cornering I feel it unstable. Head bearing was recently replaced, new 32005 and 32006 Koyos instead of the crappy upper SAC 2547-1 which I was like unable to find but eventually I could, but just ended up installing tapered bearings to the upper slot too as it is same size.

    I have some questions for like anybody who sees this. I know my forks are Paioli 41mm diameters. Are DTRE and even DTR-s 41mm too as I see it?

    I found on yambits that "FBS007" is the upper bushing and is compatible with the RE and Yamaha WR125X which is like the same construction as my DTX so I guess that is same inner/outer/height diameters?

    But as like you, I haven't found a lower bushing yet.
    I haven't taken the bike apart yet, might wait for the winter season.

    Thanks for your replies in advance.

  • @Lorant2
    Sorry, couldn't edit anymore.

    Just found it in another post that they aren't available separately, just with the whole new lower forks. I haven't taken mine yet apart, but if you did, can you pull the bushing below the seal like usual? If so, could you even measure?

  • @Lorant2 the bushes are split same as upper bushes. I will measure as soon as I get time. Still waiting on Yamaha to reply after I gave them extra info they requested. Still to strip spare forks and compare with those

  • So there should be no problem changing that if we find a fitting part 😕

    I found the sizes of the outer bushings for the wr125x: OD 45.00mm x ID 41.10mm x W 11.80mm x T 1.95mm
    At worst, I will take the forks apart and replace only this if it matches even if there are no inner bushings available.

    Also there is a hungarian website called oem-parts, on that site I can see the DTX outer/top bushing the same as the WR125X, 1-000-169-691

    The inner/bottom bushes are 1-000-188-384 and it is DTX exclusive so I'm pretty shot at this point 😄

    Also you can't order any of them, they are unavailable.

    For the DTRE, they are 1-000-165-981 and 1-000-137-166 respectively and they match with all the DTR's from the 90's. And they are available for order, lol, here you are:

    And I'm guessing that the DTRE and DTX forks are same if the DTRE is paioli too. The differences might be in spring, oil quantity, maybe the inner piston hole specifics and the lower fork legs because of the smaller brake disc/wheel shaft size. So the DTR/DTRE/DTX bottom bushing might be the same as well?

  • I'd guess that the RE uses the same forks as the R but might be totally wrong

    My TDR forks are also Paoli (sp?) and a total pain to get anything for other than seals which are still available from pattern suppliers

    If you can get one out complete you could always have an engineer make some for you from scratch.

    Dont forget that 230 Lanza forks would be a good swap into a 125 if in trail mode 😉

  • Have found a supplier and ordered pattern bushes. They are due tomorrow so will compare and share if they are good. Still no word from Yamaha though.

  • Bushes arrived, perfect fit and no vertical movement on stanchion (the old ones had a little play/worn) . Ordered from Brooks Suspension, 41.7 x 20 x 1mm, part code SBS-009.
    Assembling forks this evening at last.
    Will post update when tested.20200703_112805_copy_576x1024.jpg
    20200703_112735_copy_576x1024.jpg 20200703_112821_copy_576x1024.jpg

  • How much?

  • Nicely done my man!

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