Just a friendly hello from a new member

  • Hi to all, just picked up a nice little 3MB engine for a bargain of a price with a seized crank (which iv actually already un-seized) but I'll get to that later.

    I have have several Honda CR’s, Yamaha YZ’s an RM or 3 and plenty in between over the years.
    I know my way around most small-ish bike and quad engines but you never get help and Info better than the forums so her I am for the knowledge and wisdom you all contain.

    I’m sure I’ll have some issues I need help with so I’ll get using the search function before I ask the usual run of the mill questions and annoy some people, if anyone could advise me if there’s a policy about digging up old threads that’s be great.

    Best regards.

  • Hello and welcome to the site.

    Always happy to help and if something isn't clear digging an old thread is fine.


  • @Calum thanks very much, I’d like to think I can figure out most stuff or find it out myself lol see how I go I guess.

  • @ifixbikes Welcome aboard, post some pics of your new ride bud. 👍

  • @NINJA hi and thanks. It’s not a bike just the engine, I was actually given it for free as it’s been sitting I a shed for about 5 years after it blew the top end and seized up. My pal just brought another one with the intention of rebuilding this one but never did.

    The only parts I haven’t got are the cylinder and pv assembly as he transferred those to the new engine after having the cylinder bored.

    Iv already completely stripped the engine all seems to be in order, so I’m now looking for parts to complete it then rebuild time!

    Not sure what it’s going in yet, probably one of the project bikes. Although i have always wanted to make some kind of mini cross kart type deal.

  • @ifixbikes I got an engine cheap too mines good to go or atleast I think it is I have it in a 50cc supermoto should fly considering the massive weight difference just can't get the fucker started doesent help that it's an 05 with no kickstart

  • Put in the search bar on fleabay

  • @declan mine was totally free so win win really, does need a new crank + the parts I mentioned earlier so probably still cost me a good £300-£400 to get it running nicely. Then I’ll figure out what to put it in, got a nice crf70 rolling chassis that needs a power plant.

  • genuine crf?

  • Haha no. Copy, but it’s a good one or I wouldn’t have it lol

  • @ifixbikes nice

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