• So 3 days ago I sold my lovely DTR project that I built up on here via eBay. The bike was fully running and checked over and found to be faultless apart from missing a spoke on the rear wheel which was made aware to the buyer. So anyway when the buyer came and viewed the bike he was shown it running and checked it all out and all was good he was happy payed me but worryingly decided to drive it away back home without insurance and road tax etc 🙄 not that I was really bothering he bought it so it was up to him! Anyway today my parter received a message via eBay from guess who? That's right said buyer stating the bike broke down on him today and he's not happy! When the bike was sold to him it was running and running very very well I put everything into making it a good bike but now he's expecting a refund which it was sold with no warranty on eBay cash on collection and he had a test ride before buying! Now from my end I have no idea what he's done to this bike in the days he's owned it! so looking for advice what would you do? I'm adamant there is no refund being givin he's pushy my partner thought he was sketchy to appearance wise anyway tribal face tattoo and steel implanted horns in his forehead lmao I've offered him advice to troubleshoot the bike but should he try and show up at my house am I within my right to not accept it back? It was sold as described I'm genuine but sounds to me he has had his fun on it and now looking for the cash 😞 opinions ??

  • @Biker_123 Did you give him a receipt? When I sell used vehicles I state on the receipt that the vehicle was inspected and road tested by the new owner and the vehicle is sold as such - seen and road tested. I also put after that any faults/ defects were pointed out to the buyer and they accepted those as part of the transaction.

    If he paid cash on collection and the sale was not processed through ebay, then ebays buyer protection will not be applicable. If he looked dodgey then I would have told him that you changed your mind and the bikes not for sale. Or my younger brother or cousin just called and wants it now, just to get rid of the muppet!!!

    As your not a motor trader and offered no warranty he has no leg to stand on legally. I would advise him that your not a motor trader just a private seller and the bike was in perfect working order before and during the sale. Then ask him what changes have you made to the bike? As you may be able to offer some assistance in diagnosing the problem? Then sit back and wait to see how he responds? He's probably thrashed the bollocks out of it and something has given way? Or he tried to modifiy something and the bikes broken down because of it? If he turns up at your house DO NOT engage him and immeadiately call the police. Stay behind closed doors and just advise him that the police are on their way. DO NOT talk to him without an officer present and video all conversations.

    Personally if a buyer looks like trouble, or asks a lot of stupid questions then I just fob them off as it's a sure thing that they will cause problems down the road!!! And dude if a face tattoo and steel horn implants weren't enough to give you a heads up, then I honestly do not know WTF will??? LOL 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA well that made for some good reading .. good info 😀.. Well i pointed out all the faults which was the missing spoke on the rear wheel and showed him the last piece of the wiring loom that needed a connector block for the indicator switch gear and all was good done the paper work etc the bike was such a great runner he was definelty impressed so much so he drove it back home!. He gave us a message again on eBay it appears he hasn't mixed oil in with the fuel from what I can piece together so I think it's over heated and cut out but he said it's just backfiring now he has it back home.. I haven't a clue what damage he's done and have no idea why it would be backfiring I recommended obviously getting oil and mixing it with the fuel and a new spark plug see how that works out .

  • Sorry mate but BOLLOCKS to that.

    Tell him to F*ck off. and don't link him to the forum.

    It's a two stroke. Don't cry about it.

    You sold the bike privately, it could have been an absolute wreck and that is NOT your problem.

    The fact of the matter is this:

    As a buyer, it's your responsibility and nobody elses.

    If he starts making threats, then you must inform the police and keep a record of all phone calls, messages and record all dealings with him if he turns up at your house. Record the conversation but state that you are going to record the conversation else it will not stand up in court.

    My Starlet is a prime example mate. It was sold as completely legit. Evidently it's fucked LMAO and I accept full responsibility for checking over my purchase, not for being sold something that was faulty.

    Do not issue a refund. He could have rode it without oil and all sorts. That's up to him like.

    Hope the issue gets resolved.

  • @Calum thanks! I'll definetaly follow the advice and also I'll not be linking him to this forum not a chance on that although he might find it on his own. That's true I really hope I've heard the last of it.. The bike was cosmetically quite tatty as I pointed out on my eBay listing and to the seller but it was mechanically perfect it was the one bike I knew I could pull out the garage and it would start and run all day plus I kept up the maintenance. I actually feel sorry for the bike as silly as it sounds and if I could go back to last week I'd not have bothered selling it and just took it apart and put it in boxes till I got a bigger garage to store it.

  • @Biker_123 If you had the bike set-up for pre-mix and he has not added oil to the fuel, then that would most likely cause the back firing. I have a 2T lawn mower with a honda engine and that back fired like crazy when I ran it on just petrol. He's most likely the village idiot with more money than sense and one of todays numbteys who see's summat and must have it? And when it breaks it's someone else's fault and wants a refund.

    I suspect he's just trying to intimadate you and trying it on to see if you give in? I would be polite and send him a message saying what I said earlier about you not being a trader and there's no warranty. The bike runs on pre-mix and oil needs to be added to each fuel refill at whatever ratio you did? And if you experience any further problems then I suggest that you take the bike to an experienced motorcycle mechanic, whom I'm sure will be able to resolve any issues that you have. Other than that I am sorry but I am unable to help you any further.

    Then I would simply ignore him and hopefully he will go away and crawl back into his coffin!!! LOL

    Sadly it's the same with everything in life;

    Quality does not come cheap, as you only get what you pay for.

    If you pay peanuts, you will only ever get monkeys.

    And if you sell stuff for peanuts, you only invite the monkeys to buy it!!! 😉

    No disrespect but the moral of the story is you sold the bike way too cheaply and sadly as you were after a quick sale you took the first fist full of dollars offered. I honestly thought that the bike was worth double what you had listed it for and personally would have used that as my top price, inviting offers for it with that price in mind. I'm sure that you would have got at least £1300 for it? And most likely £1500 if you had it listed as I stated. I've seen bikes in much worse condition advertised for mega money, when the bikes as tatty as hell.

    Alas when buying a used vehicle you never know it's true history and once you've sold your pride and joy it's future life is also a mystery. I must have put over 100 hours into my DTR and sold it for more than I paid for it. Yes I spent a fair amount and did not recover all of that, but hey hoo that's all part of the modifying scene. 🙂

    I hope that the new owner takes care of my ole DT, but I very much doubt it, especially as he told me just as he was leaving that he'd owned 3 motorbikes and 5 cars in three years! I didn't ask what happened to them all, but I suspect that some of them sadly eneded up on the scrapheap. 😞

  • @CYBER-NINJA definitely he will be getting a message back similar to that if he keeps complaining!. I agree with you I sold it for £900 which was my asking price ,he bought it outright on buy it now but I did actually make a profit on it as the USD forks and some of the other parts where included in the sale of the bike when I first bought it I just had to get them adjusted to fit the bike but yeah i should have stuck it on for £1300 or something I realise that now 😩.. Ahh guess I'll see what happens in a few days but no way will there be any refunds givin just had to get some advice as I've never encountered this issue when selling a bike before! I sold my DTR SM a few weeks back and the young guy who bought it absolutely loves it and left me amazing feedback which I should be getting for this bike to if I'm honest lol

  • @Biker_123 I'm sure that you would have easily got £1300 for it and most likely more? So it's not that bad a sale afterall then if your quids in? If he used the BIN option and paid cash, then I believe that there's no buyer protection, as that only applies when the goods are paid for via Paypal. Also there's different T&C's for motors on ebay, I would check those out to see what your obligations are? Negative feedback can be removed via ebay's complaints system, especially if there abusive and/or if they refer to ebays selling practices. Once again read the small print for clarification.

    The bottom line is he's bought a used bike, if he doesn't know how to ride or maintain it, then that is not your problem or responsibility. He'll have to learn all that the hard way and as they say - Haters Gonna Hate! I find ignoring drama queens is the best way to get rid of em!!! 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA one thing that's a bit off the subject is I found when selling this bike even though I made a profit a lot of potential buyers who enquired loved the mods and where really interested in the various upgrades but I also got the odd message from folk saying fitting usd forks decreased the value of the bike.. I found people where using the upgrades like the wr swing arm and YZ mono shock etc as a way to try and strip chunks of cash of the bike was weird got me thinking if I left it stock I could easily have gotten more and then sold those parts on again and made more money! I think if i got another DTR I'd leave it completely stock besides the usual de restrictions. I liked what you did to your DTR you done subtle visual mods which made the bike look more modern and slick without changing the bike it still looked like a DT where as I feel mines looked like something out mad max lol

  • @Biker_123 Sorry but an unmolested DTR will and should always fetch more money than an unoriginal one.

    The DTR is a classic bike that neess no upgrading. Mods like progressive springs and thicker fork oil do much more to the dtr than usd. By that I mean they provide a much better ride, whilst still giving it that original look. Remember the dtr is a classic, to do what I have done to mine is criminal if yoy ask me. But my bike has been stolen and smashed to pieces. It was either this, or scrap it.

    So to answer you question, yeah am not surprised at those comments.

    Hence why Scrimustang always got top dollar as he restores them.

  • @Biker_123 Those Mad Max films were awesome! If I had decided to keep mine I would have most likely done the SM conversion, as I really like that style of bike now. But @Calum is right a stock DT is a true classic and looks best in her OG gangster trim.

    Mine was pure Ninja stylee, as I just tryed to refresh her and give her a more contemporary look. Due to the lack of parts for an SM set-up and I never seemed to have the cash when forks and wheels did surface. So I chose to sell her on and start a fresh, with a new bike that has a higher factory designed starting point.

    I admire you guys who go through all the trouble of converting your bikes and respect all the time and effort y'all put into them, but for me it just seemed like a lot of work for not too much gain. The brakes were the biggest disappointment for me and even after I upgraded them, they were still not as sharp as I would have liked. So I have to agree with Calum's comments, mild mods whilst retaining the original format would be the best way forward. Unless you plan on keeping the bike forever, well hell then - just go nuts!!! 😉

  • Mild mods while retaining the original format is the route I've gone down, while keeping all the original bits that I've taken off to be put straight back on if the time does come to sell it. The temptation to go abit crazy will always be there but having known the guy I bought it off all my life nearly, and taking it to him to mot it every year, I'd get an arseholing for it 😂
    http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w402/Burridge1/Mobile Uploads/image_zpskxwsp5jk.jpeg

    More on topic though it sounds like mr horny head hasn't a clue what he's doing, hasn't mixed oil with the petrol and shagged his top end, completely his fault and not your responsibility. This will blow over I'd have thought, he doesn't really have a leg to stand on, shame he pressed buy it now though as eBay will take they're chunk. Yeah there'd have been more things you could've done like a receipt and some disclaimers to cover yourself but it's not the first thing you think of doing when selling something

  • @Burridge Very true! Geez your DTR is lovely 😍 .. Yup subtle mods are the way to go for sure although the mods where awesome in making the bike lighter but doubt I'd go down that route again if I bought another stock DT at the most I'd just SM it with TDR fork legs and wheels and front brake calliper and put the DT parts aside. Well still no messages from the buyer as of yet ... the day is still young but I have a feeling he's added oil and it's running . I don't think eBay will take a chunk we cancelled the order after he bought it so I wouldn't get a fee "his idea"

  • If sold and stated as none returnable or no warranty given or implied then legally he cannot demand anything from you.
    Stand your ground and if need be, inform the police if you are being harassed.

  • Just thought I'd give this an update this has taken another turn for the worse! Just when I thought the buyer was doing good with the bike got a txt this morning from the buyer on a completely different number than what he txt me from the last time now stating " the bike was missing the front master cylinder,missing the power valve, missing the oil tank and he's coming back" I've basically not answered him as all these things where present and working at the point of sale apart from the oil tank as he was told it was ran on premix! the powervalve was pinned open as he was told to ..This guys starting to get on my nerves and what's annoying me most is he's txt me on a number he was never givin it's my works number literally 3 family members have it and it's not on eBay and no one gave him it! Any ideas how he could have gotten it? might be time to give the police a call as this is definitely not normal behaviour he's killing the bike and trying to say there's parts missing 🙄

  • @Biker_123 Did you give him any receipts for parts you purchased for the bike? If you did then one of them may have had your works number on it? Most likely he has taken the bike somewhere and someone 'qualified' or a friend has checked it over? If the bike is missing the front master cylinder, then how would the front brake work? If the power valve is pinned open, he is expecting a power surge, you need to make him aware of this, if you have not done so already? You informed him that it runs on pre-mix before he bought it, so that's on him as he obviously does not understand how motorbikes actually work!!!

    Again did you give him a receipt for the bike? If you had put on this receipt that the bike was sold as seen and road tested, then he will have no come-back or a leg to stand on what-so-ever. You can go to the Police but most likely they will not be interested, as no law has been broken. So unless he does something to break the law, your only option is this;

    Tell him this;
    I pointed out all of the aspects of the bike, including the modified areas, BEFORE you purchased the bike. You accepted all of these and you still went ahead and completed the purchase. I am not a motor trader and the bike was sold as seen and road tested by you. If the bike is not to your liking then that is your shortfall, as you did not do your homework before making the purchase. The sale is complete and there is no after-care given with this purchase. Any further harrassment from you will be reported to the Police and filed with my solicitor.

    The sale is final and you need to learn about the bike, it's maintainence and ride it by your own means and knowledge. I will not respond to any further communication from you, as I have helped you all I can.

  • @CYBER-NINJA no I didn't give him any receipts etc so no idea how he got my number! Again good advise. On the eBay listing the master cylinder is seen on the bike it obviously holds the brake oil and the front brake was working fine it was really powerful even had new brake pads on it! Seems he's got his mates doing the rounds now texting my work mobile and trying to continually call it absolutely brutal lol ..

  • @Biker_123 If he's texting and calling continuosly, then that's harrassment and the Police will respond to your complaint and pay him a visit. Send him what I said above and then see what his reaction is? I'm sure you have many photo's to back-up all of the parts which were on the bike at the PoS?

    Are you registered as a Business seller on eBay? What did the listing say about returns? Surely it has been more than 14 days, so by law you are under no obligation to even contemplate issuing a refund. Send him the above dude, until you nip-it-in-the-bud, he will keep harrassing you for-sure!!! 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA yes mate I have lots and lots of pictures of the bike and parts literally hundreds to back it up and nope I'm just a normal eBay seller not business. I genuinely sold the bike in good faith and he was happy to take it away! Yeah next time one of the 4 numbers calls there getting told where to go and then I'll bring the police into it.. I actually find it hilarious though that he's saying all these parts are missing it's absolutely crazy will keep posted on what happens. I feel this could be a long day .

  • Have you got a copy of the ebay listing we can see to offer advice? Sounds like you've just run into a complete tool. It happens. If the bike was in a similar condition I may be leaning towards taking it back to avoid further hassle but it sounds like he's monkied it about.

    I would report it to the police now in case anything escalates. Keep all txts and communcations and copies of the ebay listing. You've done nothing wrong so just tell the police everything and if he has made any kind of threat or even the harrasment then i would tell them you're scared. They should at least go and speak to him about it.

    The only concern is that he obviously knows where you live/work and regardless of the law he could still be a nasty bit of work. If you dont have CCTV then it might be worth considering just incase. I'm not trying to scare you, instead trying to pre empt the actions of some idiots, which this guy clearly is.