Nightmare situation

  • @Biker_123 As you have not stated this, did you give the buyer a receipt when he purchased the bike???

  • CCTV now there's a good idea haha! Basically he just came and viewed the bike after buying via the classified eBay add he was really impressed with it at the time. I shown him all around the bike and pointed out the only issues it had and that was missing a rear wheel spoke and needing a connector block for the left hand switch gear to operate the indicators! When he viewed the bike it was brought out cold so he could see how good a starter it was it fired up first kick and ticked over beautifully! He had a test ride which was also his uninsured ilegal drive back home and from there it went down hill after he put straight fuel in with no oil a few days after buying it and once we sorted that issue out over a week later it's now randomly missing the front master cylinder and power-valve how is that even possible you'd surely notice that a mile off 🙄 he literally took the paper work and off he went no receipts but I completely covered myself in my listing I'll try and dig the item number out and on the photos on the listing you can clearly see the front master cylinder! Yeah I'll be taking this up with the police just shortly it's beyond anything I've ever dealt with. I wouldn't want the bike now after what it's been throw! He's apparently crashed it to

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    Aha! As if it wasn't bad enough.. he's crashed it 😂

  • @Biker_123 If you have his address then send him a receipt TOMORROW. Type it up with both of your addresses on it and use the disclaimers I posted in my first post. Sign it and leave a place for him to sign. Send him a copy and on a separate piece of paper type up the statement I posted earlier today. Then ignore all further communication from him. Visit your local cop shop and make a complaint, ensure that they take this seriously and get a complaint number.

    If after all that he still persists and shows back up at you crib, then call the Police immeadiately and record everything. Once the Police have attended they will have to take action to remove him from your premises. If it goes any further then you have a record of past history and can show his irrational state of mind. All good evidence to be used against him if necessary!!! 😉

  • If the police ask, you DID NOT KNOW that he didn't have insurance to test ride it. As far as you knew he was pushing it. Otherwise you could be in trouble for allowing an uninsured rider to ride the bike.

    The trouble with doing a receipt now is that he wont have signed it so if it came to court then it would be useless as you could have just written anything on it. In the future, write out 2 receipts exactly the same and both parties should sign a copy each for each other. Alternatively do 1 and the photocopy 1 for yourself and give them the original.

    I expect he's crashed it and broken the master cylinder then. The powervalve I assume he means the servo and just doesnt know what hes talking about. As stated before he's probably got someone who does know to take a look and noticed that. But that was in the listing presumably as was the premix setup?

    What year bike was it?

  • @Biker_123 Can't believe this clot is now in possession of the build. The rear end set-up is just 1 of 2 built together so far, Mine and yours!

  • @AndyYam I agree with your comments, but highly doubt if the buyer will instigate legal proceedings. He just doesn't seem the type and would rather take matters into his own hands. It's probably a safe bet that he has some experience of being on the wrong side of the law and no doubt he has a criminal record? Issuing a receipt now can be covered by stating that you had it ready before the sale, but the buyer was in a rush to leave and so he failed to sign it. Hence why you mailed it to him.

    The Police will be able to check if he has insured the bike or not and if it's the later then he would be self incriminating himself. So I doubt very much if he would goto the Police and report @Biker_123? As the Police would just advise him that it's not a criminal matter and they are powerless to act. Taking a claim to court is a very costly affair, as I am currently engaged in a legal battle with my ex, over ownership of my house. That's taken 2 years and £6k thus far, so I know for frustrating sueing someone can be!!!

    I suspect Mr Horny Head decided to buy a bike, because one of his mates has one? He obviously acts upon instinct, having a bright idea and just rushes into things blindly. Be patient ignore the crap outa the muppet and he will soon grow tired and move on to his next wonderful wise idea. He he does turn up on your doorstep just call the Police and stay inside. And if the bikes not running or not road worthy, then he would have to arrange some sort of transport to move it, if he does decide to try to return it? .Which is hassle I would suspect that he can't-be-arsed to go through. 😉

  • @Darty The sad fact about all this is such a wonderful bike, lovingly built and very well restored, will hit the scrapheap well before it's time. And once the dust has settled, I'm sure that the outcome of all this will be valuable experience and a hard lesson learned by @Biker_123. As I'm sure from now on he will vet any potential buyers and protect himself much more in the future!!! 😉