• So my 4dl belgarda head turned up in the post today. Surprised it has no markings on at all? No stamp of 4 DL? A bit suspicious. The bike feels quite a bit better mid range than my 3bn head but not as much punch top end.... Anyone else experienced this? Its definitely more ridable now. More power changing gears lower down instead of revving the nuts off the bike. I know there is a bit of play between my piston and the cylinder so maybe this is stopping me from feeling the true upgrade of the head?
    Any recommendations for where to send my barrel to for a bore and piston?

  • 4DL head should have no markings other than



    With these sorts of modifications you will only unleash their true power with supporting mods, Healthy engine etc.

    A lot of people say things when they upgrade parts, often performance has increased all round, it's just as the powercurve is not as extreme so you don't notice it so much. This is especially true when swapping out inferior parts, such as CDI's, Heads, Reeds and to some extent exhausts, although often the effect with different aftermarket exhausts is a shift in the power curve.

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    Recommended this to a member here on another thread recently as it's good value for money. The seller rebores your cylinder and sends it back with a correctly sized Mitaka piston and low quality gaskets. Same seller as Norfe used when rebuilding a few members engines. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271007694130

  • The head alone won't transform the bike, I noticed some difference when I put a 3MB head on mine but not a huge amount, engine was bone stock 2.7k miles on it when I put it on so I knew there wasn't anything holding it back in terms of engine health. Like Calum said it'll need supporting mods. After exhaust I now need some better reeds and upgraded cdi then I'll notice more punch.

  • Agree with Cal. To see the difference you'd need to have dyno print outs so where it gains. It's all part of a bigger picture. Think of it like chain a sprockets. You can change the ratio around and you'll make gains in top speed but lose acceleration. You're only ever going to make small changes to a 125cc bike. All done they'll add a few bhp but as has been said so many times on here. Don't go looking for crazy BHP increase. If you want that then get a bigger bike.

  • @AndyYam most of my bikes have been 600cc enduro, super moto and sports bikes. My favourite bike so far was my CRM250 which was bonkers. But enjoying the DTR for the green lanes and light enough to lift onto the back of mg camper van. Not after mega power - just the best it can be

  • Ah awesome. I've just bought an XT600E which should be on the road in the next few weeks. Yeah the DT is wicked fun for the greenlanes. We havnt got much around here though!

    Have you got or thought about an zeeltronic set up?

  • @AndyYam had an xt660x - second best bike I've ever owned. Beautiful noise with the Akrapovic exhausts on, so much low end torqy power and just a lot of fun!!! A friend has it now - he's put some nobblys on it with the intention to join me on some green lanes. I miss that bike along with my crm250

  • @AndyYam and yes, I really want a zeeltronic setup but they are quite pricey new and you don't see them second hand. Eventually I will