todays the day i change my seals...any tips

  • Just about to change the main oil seals
    Any tips lads ? Btw these have been in there for 26years
    I'm getting a smaller torque wrench for the more delicate threads etc
    And some threadlock but its always good to have more than one opinion on things.
    Thanks guys 😉

  • @yammad You doing the bearings as well?

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    My only tip is.. Take plenty of pictures and stick them on here!

  • @Calum no just the seals,I realise the bearings might be buggered as well but I won't know until I get it open and give the crank a wiggle,the bike should be getting a full rebuild during the winter so was just keeping it going until then lol
    @MIGHTYMAN yeah will definitely take photos and stick em up on here,should of got video of them finally giving up,was doing 75 and all of a sudden the bike starts stuttering and losing power,you should have seen the mess it made and the smoke trail was immense hahahh

  • That sort of mileage the engine requires a full rebuild. Seems silly to split the cases and not do them at rhe same time.

    If the bearings go, they will take the seals out with it.

  • Yup I agree on both counts buuuuuuttt the weather is great for this time of year and a family member just got his license and we've well and truly fallen in love with 2 strokes again! Haha
    The seals are so cheap that if they last 3 months I'm happy 😜
    After the nice weather it's getting stored in my garage so will definitely be getting the rebuild it deserves,can't wait but for now I just wanna get out there in the dirt 👍

  • @Calum Ahh I see what you mean by splitting the cases but no need on the Dt ,did you have a blonde moment for a bit there bud hehe😜

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    Will you be using the screw method to pull them out?

  • Yh got everything I need to do it that way but worried bout the bits of metal from drilling and also the distance between the seal and bearing.
    Any other methods welcomed tho guys but not digging it out with a screwdriver lol

  • Do it once do it properly. In order for the job to be done properly you will want to split the cases.

    I don't see the point in replicating the job any more than necessary.

    But it's not me doing the work.

    I've seen it a lot on this forum people trying to do a job on the cheap/quickly, and rarely does it ever not bite them in the back side.

  • So you're going to change the crank seals from the outside without splitting the cases? Is that even possible? I guess the generator side is but the clutch side? really?

  • The generator side is. The clutch side js the one where you really want to split the cases. Where there is a will there is a way

  • Both sides are done without splitting the cases on a dt and with the engine in the bike
    I'm not bodging it im just fixing a £10 part for now as its getting a full rebuild in a couple months
    I wasn't able to do it yesterday as my lil girl was sick all day so its getting done today instead
    Wish me luck haha

  • @yammad Now I didn't say bodge job. Just that I personally would have just rebuilt the engine as it's only an afternoons job.

    Fair enough on your own engine. I have done stuff like this on my own engines too. Valve stem seals on the Starlet without removing the cylinder head saving money on head gasket and head bolts

  • Sorry for not updating this thread but I was too busy riding haha
    The seal change worked a treat but has flagged up a spark issue where I think the ht or wiring is earthing to frame intermittently
    Could be ht or stand switch etc as its cutting out for a split second and then backfiring when the spark comes back 😞

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