• my clutch cable went on way home tonight now im looking for another cable and wanted to know where best to get a clutch cable as read some on ebay are not very good and dont last long so thought best to as to see if there better brands as dont want to buy somthng thats not going to last and have to push bike home again

  • @britshgigolo Mine went and I replaced it with a Slinky glide cable, less then half the price of the OEM one. It was easy to fit and felt solid too. Wemoto sells them;


  • Thanks for the information I will get one ordered now

  • I have had nothing but issues with aftermarket cables. I would always now get genuine cables for piece of mind.

  • You don't have to push the bike home because you don't have a clutch. You can shift without a clutch. Shifting up is no problem.

    Shifting down you just need to match the rpms. And as for traffic just bang it neutral and do a running jump on the lever.

    I went weeks without a clutch no problems

  • The first half of the ride home was all up hill so could not get enough speed to move off but the last part was down hill so did manage to get it going and ride the last part home the main problem was it was rush hour plus every one was going to lakeside shopping so traffic was manic

  • Well have ordered the slinky slider as mentioned above but will get a spare to put in the shed so will order a genuine part the other problem now is the clutch push rid has lifted and leaking oil so have ordered new seal as well so will get it striped down and sort that out ready for new cable to arrive

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    @britshgigolo Make sure to clean out the hole where the clutch actuator has lifted out of nicely. Don't want any crap going inside the shaft and creating resistance for the push rods.

  • will i be able to just slot it back in or does it need full strip down to get it back in place

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    @britshgigolo It should just push back into the hole, you may have to spin it so it's facing the right direction though. Your seal might not even need replacing.

  • yes ty got it done wife pick up a clutch cable from local shop on way home from work it not a great one as as buy the same cable on ebay for £7 but still have othr one coming that i ordered so no big problem it did slide back in and the seal seems to be holding and not leaking oil so will have a spare but at least its back on the road again thanks for all the help