• Help please. My starter messing up with me , sometimes it works but it went worse and now it wont start the bike at all. Checked the starter and looks ok. What do you think ? link text

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    Sounds like it might not be spinning the starter clutch at all. If you have only checked by looking underneath the engine, try taking off the flywheel cover on the left hand side of the engine (no oil this side) and check if the starter motor is actually spinning the flywheel. Should be around 5 or so bolts, then you will need to pull with a bit of force to overcome the magnetic force. Then try the starter button again and if you still don't see the problem, get another video of the starter spinning inside and we'll check it out.

  • Decided to get back to my starter issue after I've been bump starting it few weeks 😁 tried to pull the rotor from shaft but no luck. Made a special puller plate from 3.mm steel plate but bent it badly haha. Gave up , lost so much hair trying to get to the starter clutch. Sprayed horrible amounts of wd40 on it as well. Gave up. Put the stator in and mirracle happened . It working haha.

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    Sorry mate I don't understand fully... Was this issue solved by you removing the flywheel and then putting it back on?

  • @Mightyman no , the flywheel is stuck there and I was unable to take it off. Basically I did nothing and I dont know what happened.

  • order the proper puller. worth its value 10 times over. saves damaging things trying to get it off.

  • Also the pulley can be used for loads of things as well. Lol I have used it for the car and all sorts lol.