• hi im looking to replace my front and rear disc and add braided hoses is there any prefrence to whats the best ones to use was looking at the Wezmoto Standard Braided Brake Lines as like that i can get the banjos in black stainless to look more like the original and the disc and pad was looking at the This listing is for a single EBC Brake Disc Rotor (Front or Rear as per listing title)
    Included with the disc is one set of matching EBC Brake pads that are recommended for use with the disc by EBC
    or should i be looking at other disc as not sure best way to go so thought best to see what others are using and prefer

  • I used a hel set like this with no problems - http://www.wemoto.com/bikes/yamaha/dt_125_r/88/picture/hel_front_hydraulic_hose_-_standard_set-up/

    Be careful with discs I can't remember what type it was but once I went for a cheaper disc and it would rust over night where as the more expensive ones didn't rust at all. Sorry not sure what the coating was called

  • @CYBER-NINJA i did look at these but ordered the EBC disc and pads now with braided hoses so hope they work out ok when the come as was not sure what was best so my thinking was there pads are good so hopfully the disc will be the same fingers crossed now lol but will look into the dot 5 fluid like you say what is the diffrence in the fluid

  • @britshgigolo EBC make great brakes and have a great reputation, I had their brakes on many cars with no problems and better performance, so you can't go wrong there really. DOT 5.1 has the highest boiling point, so it runs cooler than lower grade fluids. I noticed more bite and less fade when I upgrade my brake fluid - well worth the upgrade! Rude not to go for 5.1, especially as your upgrading the rest of your braking system, it's a simple yet effective boost to have all of your brakes at their maximum efficiency. 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA Funny the Starlet lads would beg to differ...

  • so have i made the wrong move with EBC disc as now worried as was looking to get better brakes i know they will never be the best but that we live with if we want to keep or dts looking standard as we can with out changing wheels what about brembo are they better than EBC

  • @Calum Interesting - which brand do their recommend then???

  • @CYBER-NINJA Well to be fair it was just EBC red stuff.


    I don't think we have much say in the matter. Not much love in the DT brakes.

    However I am not running DT brakes. As such I am runing Brembo pads and OH MY. What a difference they make in the stopping department. Expensive at £40 for front pads.

  • @Calum EBC are a decent brand, with some good disc and pad upgrades over stock items. But as with everything in life you only get what you pay for and quality does not come cheap. I personally found that the EBC red stuff pads did improve the braking on my bike, even with the stock disc's. I noticed further improvements when I also upgraded to the Kyoto disc's, with the red stuff pads.

    Upgrading the disc's and pads for better quality performance ones will improve braking and reduce stopping distances. However if you are still using the stock calipers and disc sizes then you are limited by their performance. It's only when you upgrade the calipers and add more pots to them, as well as increasing the size of the discs, that is where true gains are made. Which is what you have done to your DTRE and further improved them with the Brembo pads.

    But sadly as with all DTR's we are limited by the small discs and under powered single pot caliper's, as their are no straight swap direct replacement upgrades to be had. Without a major rebuild of swapping forks and wheels. So yes I would agree with your statement about the DTR being unloved in the braking department. 😞

  • EBC pads for the DTR work pretty well.

    Brembo's have more bite, but a higher operating temperature and less feel at low speeds.

    @britshgigolo You will see a good improvement with new lines and pads, as for discs, early YZ discs fit DT size hubs, so are a bolt on. Those steel rotors are much better!

    I ran EBC pads on Koyo Discs (Which are not great) with steel lines and standard callipers for over 7,000 miles. They work well enough.

    But if your a racer on them, expect to change pads every 1,500 miles.

    The front calliper on the DT is mediocre, and coming down from 70mph for a corner entry, I could never feel any bite with EBC pads on the front, but the rear is pretty good at speed if you can keep enough weight over the back in hard braking.

    On warm days, I used to feel alot of brake fade, I ran DOT4 but the fluid is almost irrelevant in this application, I could get the EBC's to hot with some spirited riding, but for riding around town they are just fine.

    Bloody DTR forks are too soft, and you lose as much stability with the weight transfer.

    Basically, don't expect too much improvement !

  • ty for all your replys and help so will stay with what i have ordered as i know they will never be racer brakes as standard but with the all new parts and lines they got to be better than they are now thats for sure again thanks for all the help and advise

  • @britshgigolo You will notice a difference, with more bite and shorter stopping distances for-sure!!! 😉

  • finally got the brakes done back and front new discs pads and hoses and new fluid seems so much better than they were thats for sure made me relise how bad they were but dont think it helped that the back caliper was sezied on the sliding pin so caliper was not moving strange that the person who had the bike before had done lots of work on the bike before has had new pistons and seals in the brake but forgot to grease the sliding pins just goes to show you can never trust all the paper work for work done if its not been done properly