• Hi guys what's the best spark plug for the dt125x I'm getting mixed reviews on the Br9eix iridium

  • @Ricky I found my DT to eat the Iridium plugs quite quickly, they work well, but just dont last if you run a slightly rich mixture.., which is what you want anyway??

    So I run the BR9ES, no problems, works a treat, get about 2,500 miles out of one

  • I use the BR9ES as well on both my DTs, works fine. They both start first kick even after sitting for several weeks. Honestly I don't see much use out of an iridium spark plug, my GasGas 250 had one. Was one of the things I changed before I got on it last summer, by the end of the summer it was dead. Granted I rode on it almost every single day for a good 4-8 hours, but that is still a rather short life span...

    Stick with copper mate, it works best. Newer technology is sometimes too good for a bike's own good.

  • @Ricky I will concur with what the others have said above. The iridium plugs do tend to deteriorate a lot quicker than the copper BR plugs, but there is a noticeable power boost when they are new. I replaced mine every 2 months and at £7 a pop that was acceptable to me.

  • Always ran Iridiums, as a daily. Ran thousands of miles never a problem.