Removing spray paint from plastics

  • Just wondering what the easiest method is removing black spray paint without scratching the Blue plastics 👍

  • Soak in brake fluid, but probably damaged underneath, why else would they be painted?

  • My dtx had 6 owners and lots of abuse. Was left long time on the sun . The plastics have some type of gloss coat which peels off with decals . Before Im applied decals Im degreased whole bike for best possible grip and there is still bits that coming off...

    I think its ok to use thinners to remove the old paint or thinners mixed with paint stripper.

  • @rogering Buy new plastics in the required colour is the best way to get the results which you seek. Maybe a bit costlier, but ultimately the best solution. 😉

  • You could try something called Modelstrip. Available from many model shops, it strips paint off plastic models without damaging the plastic. Obviously test a small area first. Brake fluid will whiten the plastic. Bear in mind they were likely sprayed because they were worn out.

    As someone else said, it would likely be cheaper and better just to buy new. I bought a new rear fender for £20 from Fowlers. Cheap as chips.