Ktm injection 2 stroke

  • Anyone seen the release video of ktms fuel injection 2 stroke? Can imagine that's gonna dominate it's class

  • @andrewj1680 Nope please post/share the vid. 😉

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    Yeah I have seen that.

    Yamaha have been doing direct injection on two strokes for years bare in mind.

    The technology has been around for donkeys but the bike scene has moved over to four strokes.

    The reason why jt will make a comeback in motox is because two strokes are cheaper to rebuild.

  • yes ktm and husqvarna making some heads turn with that one like

  • If you take a closer look at what Transfer Port Injection actually means, you still find it isn't solving one of the major design issues of a 2stroke.

    Fuel air mixture is still being injected on the intake stroke, this means that as the compression stroke begins, this fuel air mixture is still being pushed out the exhaust port before combustion, lol.

    The only way around this is Direct Direct' Injection, by which fuel is injected after the piston has closed the exhaust port, so no charge is lost. That will keep the 2stroke from dying off for a short while...

    Direct Direct injection needs some incredible injectors to over come the pressure and heat during combustion, the complexity takes away what makes a 2Stroke engine still so valued,

    2Strokes are grossly inefficient designs, as long as a 2stroke burns oil, they will be phased out from mass market manufacturing sooner than we think. And that is exactly why I love them.

    But Snowmobile engines have all this tech already, none of this is ground-breaking!! The MOTOGP 500's from the 90's on were mad fuel injected beasts... complex 2stroke engines don't have commercial value for the domestic motorcycle market,

    Hopefully KTM can lead by example! One last huraaah,

  • @Darty i was under the assumption it was going to be direct chamber injection as there were designing one and Rotax done E-tec tbh I'm now disappointed as they don't seem to be going that way what happened seem to me like tech is going backwards not forwards

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    You can see how the system actually looks on the bike now.

  • @Mightyman Oh Man that thing pulls like a Lambo up that steep climb! And that spec list makes me droooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll. This bike is TDF hands down.

    Give me a sumo conversation and I'd be sooooooooooo happy!!! 🙂 😉 🙂


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