1988 rebuild update

  • Seat cover ordered, at a loose end waiting(still) for my wheels, thought I would start on the white 89. Sidestand bent so thought I would whip that off to straighten out. Bolt loose (I thought) and removed sidestand, after straightening went to refit and thread shot in sidestand, hence the loose bolt. Wonder what else I will find?

  • @scrimsmustang Hello, apologies for the delay in replying, I emailed them in English and German, also spoke to them but couldn't communicate effectively. Going to try again next week with an interpreter! German speaking friend of a friend. Have also found panels elsewhere listed 2 x scoops and mudguard, ordered and hoping they are correct (stock nos match) received the 1990 decals and grey seat cover and picked up my wheels today YAAAAAAY, if my friend back from holiday hope to have tyres fitted this weekend. Also received vehicle history from DVLA, sold in London first, went to Dunstable, back to London, then surrey, back to london, and then to me. Colour change registered 26.05.91 and new engine 06.09.91, never paid much attention as frame ends in 01459 and engine 00540, so somewhere there is an engine that matches my frame no. Is the engine no early production? Not sure how the vin nos work. Busy weekend fitting seat cover, red fork guards and getting tyres done hopefully0_1504795478356_1504795432029312195421.jpg

  • Those wheels look mint, you get them built using stainless spokes?

  • @calum No unfortunately, genuine yamaha, will have to be scrupulous keeping them clean and dry!

  • @oldman Pretty sure my genuine spokes held up very well.

    They will no doubt dull, but they will still look great.

  • Look good, pleased with the result, spoke to my friend and he's back from holiday, dropping off Saturday to get the tyres fitted, bike will look strange off the stand!

  • Delay with tyre fitting, could not find the rim tape anywhere, know I purchased but must have been distracted and stashed somewhere, more ordered so next weekend hopeful.
    Anyhoo, updated pics with grey seat and red gators.0_1505038568599_20170910_111407.jpg 0_1505038623315_20170910_111427.jpg 0_1505038681725_20170910_111506.jpg

  • Progress! Tyres fitted tonight with thanks to my friends who stayed put to do them despite a 4am start tomorrow for them. Looking forward to getting them on the bike and off the stand at last.0_1505339364998_20170913_220654.jpg

  • Wheels on and everything remitted,rear brake bled and c&s fitted all good (at last) Maybe down for mot next week if I have time.0_1505402005176_20170914_154724.jpg 0_1505402093658_20170914_154735.jpg

  • Decals to do as well, originals.!

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    Is that the original colour of seat cover? Very nice result 👍

  • Hello, it's as close as can be, not genuine but compares to original, had a problem starting surprisingly, ran perfectly when I remitted to frame, could hear air being drawn in,. Would run with choke but stall as soon as turned off. Somehow I must have dislodged carb from rubber boot of reed inlet between then and now, not a lot but enough for a small air leak on the inlet side. Remade and idling fine with good pickup on the throttle. Keen to try on the road as soon as I can arrange and find time for mot. Repainted exhaust stinks as well!

  • Superb job done on this!

    Well done.

    I love the colour you've gone for it looks really nice.

  • Looks like it's just left the showroom bud 😉

  • @oldman Looks AWESOME bud - cracking job! Are you going to fit new grips or perhaps some bar end plugs tho???

  • Thank you! Yes, bar ends to fit just keep forgetting to order, doh! Good to get a look at the other side of the bike for a change. A lot quieter with the standard exhaust on as well

  • Have ordered the bar ends, spare time today so thought I would check and take for mot, difficult to start again! Checked all usual suspects and thought fuel starvation to blame, could get to start on choke but running off choke poor, decided to take carb out and found inlet rubber split below jubilee clip! Ordered from cmsl as fowlers had no stock,none on eBay either! 60 odd euros including postage, not pleased. To be expected for 29 yr old rubber parts I suppose, assume it split after initial reassembly as started and ran perfectly when first reassembled. At least I found the problem, just have to wait a week or so for delivery now😣

  • @oldman It's just good we can still get them. Won't be long before they're discontinued.

  • Only the ones with the additional intake silencer attachment will be left before long 😞

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