1988 rebuild update

  • Thank you for the praise, have enjoyed doing it and riding today was the icing on the cake. Nervous something would be wrong or something missed, but no problems. Power valve seal done and taxed, hoping weather will be ok over the weekend for a decent blast about. Even just taking for the mot had a few admirers , shame wheels took so long or would have had longer to enjoy in decent weather. Anybody thinking of doing it I say jump in at the deep end, great stress relief pastime and take your time to do the best you can, will outlast me I hope and saved from the breakers. Nothing like a 2 stroke to blow the cobwebs away!

  • @oldman Absolutely, question is....what you got planned next. Cause it never ends!

  • There's the 89 to do, taking my time with that though, want to be out enjoying the fruit of my labour for a bit. Couple of other things planned but not in any rush now, the whole winter to get through. Would not mind picking up a small ty50 for grandson but need to replenish funds first. Have someone interested in buying my vstrom as well so that will help. Good thing about the old bikes is they are holding their money, know I won't get back everything I have put into it but that's not the point, don't drink or smoke so my little treat. Am fortunate I have garage to indulge myself and lose track of time when I am in there. Think I will be a bit more adventurous with the 89 and have a more free breathing exhaust and light tuning, although I have the original system if I change my mind. Going to sell the Big One system that was on the 88, and other bits I don't need.
    Thank you to everyone for their advice and encouragement along the way, good to know other like minded people about,

  • @oldman You sticking about this forum though? It's great to have a keen DTR member πŸ˜„

  • @oldman dimensions shouldn't be too hard to sort as you can see the faint outline of it on your scoop in the pic, the graphic doesn't go onto the tank it's just on the scoop opposite what you already have there in a diagonal line if you look close it's pretty clear outline on your image

  • Already made a template based on the impression left on the panel, posting tomorrow, spoke to reproduction guy and he says easy to take detail from existing decal to extend.
    Most definitely sticking around, keeping my dt indefinitely, bound to need help and advice along the way, good to read other people's experiences and problems as well.
    How are you getting on with your red one Andrew?

  • @oldman

    That looks great mate doing the spokes makes all the difference, I need to get mine done over the winter on my Purple one. Your Red plastics look in great condition ! Why do you want to change them for different ones ?

  • @oldman it's all drained and sat in storage the panels have been removed and covered in shrink wrap, through the winter I plan to rebuild it, nothing too drastic as I want to leave it with its originality, the engine wants doing I think the crank seal is seeping about and have a feeling the water pump isn't 100% as it seemed to get a bit hot. My plans where not to put it straight into storage but I found I was putting my dt/wr to 1 side and starting another which I can only guess you can imagine how that goes as I see you seem to be doing it lol I would lose track completely if I attempted that so made the decision to put it in storage leaving me no choice but to wait. Yours is looking alot better imo with the new graphics

  • @scrimsmustang said in 1988 rebuild update:


    That looks great mate doing the spokes makes all the difference, I need to get mine done over the winter on my Purple one. Your Red plastics look in great condition ! Why do you want to change them for different ones ?

    Hello Scrim, fron mudguard leading edge looks like its been chewed by a staffie, heated with paint stripper gun and clamped with wood to disguise deformation then used coloured wax to hide, both front scoops have splits in them, my guess is left hand one has been bent back at some point, locating lug on rear bust also, right hand one has larger split partially hidden by decal but shows through as panel flexes, left hand side panel has split near frame fixing point and plastic bearing area for bolt to press on more or less finished, fixed metal washer in to provide bearing surface for bolt, apart from that ok!
    Hello Andrew, must admit I have bits everywhere but I label boxes and parts as I strip down, lots of photos as well, neΓ rly ready to send 89 frame off for powder coating, will be sorting parts out for metal refinishing also. Takes a while to get the parts together that need replacement, piston ordered but waiting for delivery, all other parts and replacement seals here now, keep the new parts separate, never did find the rim tape for the 88 though!

  • Received the final graphic in the post this morning, can say the 88 is complete (for now!)0_1509184391651_20171028_104136-1305x979.jpg

  • @oldman Looks lovely mate - Top Job !!! :thumbsup_tone2:

  • @oldman she is a bonny one no bling or makeup needed for her

  • Wheres the grey seat gone.

  • @scrimsmustang said in 1988 rebuild update:

    Wheres the grey seat gone.

    To be honest prefer the black, doesn't show the marks!

  • @oldman I’m quickly realising this with my Snow White seat it gets dirty just siting in the shed over night πŸ˜’

  • @declan That's because you've been a naughty lil boy and Santa's elves are punishing you!!! :mrs_claus: πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

  • @ninja πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh well lol

  • Finally found the last piece I needed, disc guard extension/caliper protector. Had to buy a job lot of bits to get it but selling parts I don't need, some surprisingly decent white early side panels came with it as well. Also found another 88 in crates, when I finish 89 bike it's got my name on it, that will definitely (probably!) Be the last one...........


  • Such a lovely bike now. Done a sterlin job. I'm sure @scrimsmustang would give it his seal of approval.

  • I hope so, just got a new tank from him!

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