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  • Hello all 🙂 My names Sam and iv just joined this forum good to be back on a Dtr forum. I used to be on the old forum alot and stopped using it when the old site transferred to this site. Its been a while and im going to start playing with my Dt again so thought it only right to get back on the current forum site.

    Im a 26 year old Mechanical engineer mainly working on cnc machining form solid jobs and messing on with random projects in the background.
    Iv shoe horned a 2001 Yz125 engine into my Dtr (until i siezed it) then i put a 1988 Yz125 top end on my Dtr bottom end (didnt do a good job will be attempting again at later date) and now im back to running a fairly standard Dtr barrel with powervalve pinned in place with chemical metal and the exhaust port completely smoothed and uniformed, with a modified piston and a standard deristricted front pipe. What can i say im a self confessed dreamer/bodger 😛

    I did have a small write up about how i lightened flywheels on the old site was wondering if it has been transferred onto this site? Callum i believe you are the main Admin could you let me know if you have the photos or the full thread from the old site? No worries if not i shall just have to do another 🙂

    Anyhow good to dip my toes back in the forum world of the Dtr o look forward to browsing the build threads and queries on these great bikes, Thanks all Sam.

  • welcome Sam sounds like your gonna share some interesting stuff and you also might be a bit crazy 😆 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • Hello and welcome back.

    What name were you under on the old forum.

    Happy for you to repost this information on this site, or let me know and I can do it.

    But I don't believe I have transferred that one sorry.

    self confessed dreamer lol. Yeah that's one way to go lol

  • Thanks, a tad crazy maybe 🙂 im not great at documenting my work but i hope i can put some intresting stuff up Terry. Im going to re-install the Yz engine at some point but im in no rush + re vitalising my old Cagiva Mito is next on the list at the moment.
    I think my username from the old site was just SamM Calum or could of been SMeadowcroft i cant remember 😞 no worries if you cant find anything.

  • @samratboy Nice what mito you got mate?

    I would love an evolution. I'm currently in the process of building an Aprilia myself.

    My brother was looking at Mitos, apparently Yamaha RD 350 YPVS conversions are really common for these!

  • Welcome mate 🙂

  • @samratboy Welcome aboard buddy.

  • @SamRatBoy welcome back buddy any info on the yz engine does it just slot in or what?

  • Heya 🙂 its a 1991 Mk1 Mito Cal. I got lucky with the engine didn't realize for a while but its got a 66650e Barrel on is supposedly one of the best for them, a 60809 code cagiva spanny and it came with the 7 speed bottom end with helical drive gears but i bought a 6 speed straight cut drive gear for it when the 7 speed bottom went. I much preferred the 7 speed and when i finally have some spare cash thats the bottom end i will rebuild 🙂 I do like the look of the Evos they look abit sleeker and more modern with the frame showing through the fairing. Yeah theres lots of YaMito 350s out there really common swap if youv got the money for the mounts and the huge pile of money you would need for a nice full engine setup.
    What year Aprillia you building Cal? I cant say ive ever ridden one or with one but if its out like the Mito i bet there a blast it seems to have two bands haha the only thing i would say is the front sus was very solid.
    @declan the Yz engine was not a straight slot... but it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. I needed to make custom bushes for the rear of the engine to fit between the swingarm and to have the same inner diameter as the Dt swingarm spindle/shaft. Then up front i made some custom plates that bolted to the original mounting points on the frame for the dt engine so it would reach the yz mounting on the engine. Then i had to make a custom plates for the mounting point on the head of the engine. Then made an extremely! bodged airbox using the yz airbox boot and plate that attaches to the yz airbox, alot of cut up rear wheel inner tubes, a few plates of ally, and a fair bit of duct tape, slapped a universal igniton barrel between coil earth wires, made some random fittings to mount the twin rads onto the dt rad/oil tank braces, bent the hell out of a yz gear lever and..... i think that was about it oh and made a few mounts to hold the fmf pipe stiff. Took afair bit of time and patience. Was very fast but top speed wasnt great and was a pig/impossible to try smoothly quietly ride round town haha. Then i seized it and chipped some nikasil and had already had another version of dt engine to go back in so havent done out with the setup since.
    cost me about 650 for th 2001 engine,cdi,exhaust,carb,intake,aitbox,radiators good project regret not documenting.. Alass i will do it again one day and show you fine folk

  • @samratboy Aww sweet mate. Definitely throw up a thread about your mito.

    Documenting is just one of those things, you learn to love it as you get into projects and forums are a great place to show off.

    Better than Facebook as people have to make an effort to use forums, that shows some dedication.

    It's a 2007 RS, but it's completely being built from the ground up. I started with a frame from Germany and have worked from there lol.

  • Crikey from frame up thats going to be some build! Yeah il have to start taking photos when i start putting Mito back together again, dont expect it anytime soon though im in abit of a money hole at the moment everything i get goes out pretty much straight after pay day 😞

  • Sorry to again be the forum noob but what on earth is upvoting?

  • @samratboy you see the little arrows next to quote you press the up and it up votes the post from what I gather it's kind of a like feature

  • that extra gear tho I always liked the idea but been told it's not really a better thing would love to ride one and find out for myself 😄

  • @terry-tz Yeah the extra gears nice but like you say you cant really get much more out of it (without a big ass hill), its more of a cruising feature to take tyhe stress of the engine, very long ratio. Basically rag the tits off her till you get to the top of 6th then put it in 7th and it holds its speed but your not screaming the engine on a constant.

  • Really fancy a Super-City myself but have the TDR now and prefer the Yamaha reliability over the Cagiva's.

    Built an RS 125 a good few years ago. Even standard full power with 34mm carb they make a really good sportsbike and one that you can have plenty of fun riding even with a full licence.

    TBH I probably preferred the RS to my old RGV250

  • @nottsbiker Really? That's surprising.

    I would love an RGV250 😄

  • Nice! My one of my mates used to have a really clean Tdr125 in the bright blue/turquoise colour he wanted £900 off me for it when he parted with t and to this day i regret not getting it, lovely looking and as you say reliable bikes. Not as fun as the Giva mind although as you say he had it about a year and it never skipped abeat once. Admittedly i was a noob to two strokes and mechanical sympathy when i used to ride the Mito alot which is more then likely why i always had it in bits 😛

  • I had one of those - big and quite heavy with an awful cat in the exhaust. Not sure what they are like with a decent exhaust mind you. Hopefully my Belgarda TDR will be quicker that the Japanese version

  • @nottsbiker rs125's are lovely bikes would like another myself

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