How would one simply bleed the autolube?

  • As you may know i completely ruined my top-end and was unable to get a re-bore so I bought a refurbished engine however, the chap told me I am going to have to bleed the autolube? hoping somebody has some experience in this as I would not like to break my nice clean engine!

  • Who's building the engine? Them?

    Basically, the engine should be built with lots of two stroke oil.

    Bleeding the oil pump would happen naturally as its not a closed loop.

    But if they are building the engine then you can't be certain of how much oil they've used.

    So you best off filling the fuel tank up with fuel and premixing it with two stroke.

    Probably best not to do a full tank, but enough to see you down the road.

    As I have suggested to many, replace the line from the pump to the carburettor with a clear hose, that way you will see all the air being bled out and when the hose is full with oil, you know not to premix.

  • Its very easy to bleed the autolube (red oil pump). But thats the last thing you need to do after you rebuild.

  • Yes, they have built the engine. Ahh i get it, not so complicated after all.

  • @zrako said in How would one simply bleed the autolube?:

    Its very easy to bleed the autolube (red oil pump). But thats the last thing you need to do after you rebuild.

    Can you explain how to do it please

  • Small screw on side of pump above outlets, loosen and allow to vent until oil comes out with no bubbles etc, as per Calum said, put some premix in tank for a few miles running and clear hose on outlet then you can confirm operation

  • @dan28 I have a small blinded hose with clip on side of the pump , so when bike idling , take the clip off and pull the blinded hose , manually by hand turn the pulley to max so the pump pumping max oil. I am replaced my oil hoses for clear ones so I can see there is no bubbles . I think its only important to bleed the oil tank - pump pipe. If you doing it , place a clean container (Im using old jar from pickles) so I can reuse the oil. If you did rebuilt the top end , you have probably used excessive amount of oil to lube the bearings and rings so I think its plenty for less than 5min job bleeding oil pump . If you premix your petrol in tank and bleed the pump , you will run too much oil which fouling spark. (Happened to me) 😊

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