• Iv had many dtr 125 in the past and some have been quicker than others so wanted to know what year is the best one to go for.. will be getting it tuned to max so what one has best engine. I prefer the early model dtr not new ones.. any advise on models and years would be great

  • Pre-96 were not restricted but not all were full powere with YPVS.

    After that they become a nightmare to derestrict.

    But if you are "tuning it to the max" what difference will the year make.

    Ultimately they all run very similar engines.

    The newer ones are by far the easiest to derestrict.

    But again you will want to at some point get an aftermarket CDI.

    These bikes can't be tuned to the standards of the Aprilia RS engines, they simply were never designed that way, but can be tuned to give a noticeable amount of power.

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    I look forward to seeing what it is you end up buying/doing.

  • @calum I thought they were all power valves. Are they all mechanical or is there a electrical ypvs or is there no difference. Had a early model tuned power valve an it was almost yz 125 like and want to have another one but going to wait to get the right one as rushed into getting a 350 ypvs r and it was so slow as it's a Brazilian in port so want to do a bit of research before buy dtr .. thanks for your info

  • @craig-mozzo sorry yes, all powervalves but pre 96 not all servo assisted. Won't affect top end but much more smoother power deliver equals moe performance, but does feel slower as the power curve isn't so drastic.

    Trust me, it won't feel like a yz. A yz will feel like a yz, but the do alright.

  • @craig-mozzo Welcome to the club, throw up some pics of your ride dude!!! 😉

  • @cyber-ninja soon as I get one I will for sure. Just joined for info as I know this will be the place to get good hoses facts about my questions as you all live with the bikes and not just trying to sell them. I want to get a early model dtr but want to find out if there is models not to get. ( low power ones ) and scrape together as much info as possible so I can source a good .. hope to have one soon.as I'm a all weather rider

  • @craig-mozzo welcome btw

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    Sometimes an expensive bike works out cheaper in the long run

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