1989 rebuild update

  • Completely striped 89 bike ready for powder coating and refurb. Faults found include oil pump not working, suspicious when I drained the fuel and found premised. Instrument mount cracked and flap at bottom of Air box u/s, lower chain roller mounted wrong, no coolant additive so will be flushing well, gearbox oil black when drained, rusty hidden bolts (expected). On the plus side fork seals all good, look recent, swingarm powdercoat ok, front pads good, hoses bad,. So now ready for powder coating and plating when funds allow, 2-3 weeks, want the red one up and running first. Any oil pump advice welcome, have not stripped off covers yet, are there any common faults? Missed my forum fix with outage, thanks Calum, top job getting it up again.!
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  • Forgot to say, 2 split links in the chain, both facing the wrong way!
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  • Started breaking down and cleaning engine, one broken stud, worst part is waterways with no coolant in system. Photos show coolant pipe pinholes and rest of pipe fragile, sourcing replacement. Standard piston fitted and quite heavily coked, tested oil pump off the bike and that appears to be fine, when I got the bike it also had premix in the tank. Will be double checking pump before refitting. Ordered new seals for water, kickstart and oil pump, kick start seal looks perished, water pump being stripped to clean and oil pump why not whilst it's apart. New piston, small end bearing and athena gasket kit on the way. Nothing else seems a problem so far so fingers crossed.0_1507115801899_20171004_120452-768x768.jpg 0_1507115817422_20171004_120521-768x768.jpg

  • Engine completed and awaiting return of frame from powder coaters then down to serious work. Have most of parts now bar one panel, c&s, brake lines/pads, master cylinder/calipers rebuild kits, etc etc................0_1510530968467_20171112_114121-1632x1224.jpg

  • Pucker mate

  • @calum *nice mate

  • Finally picked up frame and bits this morning, started bimbling in garage this evening, progress so far little to show, hopefully get engine and swingarm in tomorrow, good job done on frame but couple of bits plated will have to go back and be done again. Saw the guy from Central Wheels at the bike show, arranged with my mate to send wheels direct to them for respoking and powder coating of hubs. Some lovely bikes at the show too, picked up a new retro lid as well, Bell Moto 3. Need some goggles though!0_1511651544460_20171125_225138-1632x1224.jpg 0_1511651568372_20171125_155824-1632x1224.jpg

  • Looking good.

    I wouldn't get a white frame myself, it's going to pick up all zee dirts lol.

    That said, the bike I'm building at the moment is white and red, and I was umming and arring about what colour to go with the triple clamps, decided with white, but I know I'll regret that en all.

    It's looking good.

    How come you only decided to get the top triple clamp powdercoated?

  • It's how it was originally when I stripped it down, original I think, bottom clamp has been refinished though. New bearings fitted, did buy red renthals for it but my mate got cold feet, thought it a bit brash I think, but the exhaust from Portugal is due any day (Romeu?) Its a bit annoying really cos I know it's going to turn out better than the red one and I am not keeping it! Just need to clear lacquer forks and they are done, oil was like black pond water and smelt like it too.

  • The other thing with the white frame is it is the original colour and wanted to keep it looking a bit period with a few upgrades. Does show oil and dirt bad though, found that with the 88 especially when lubing the chain. What colour is your frame going to be?

  • @oldman The bike I am building uses an aluminium frame that polish's up really nice. Despite that I had it painted candy red. But it's going to look superb.

  • @oldman Looks all white to me bud !!! šŸ˜†

  • @ninja ffs šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

  • @declan What no sense of humour today bud ???

  • @ninja nah Iā€™m grumpy I have my 2 bikes punctured so Iā€™m sad šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

  • Progress so far, still have forks to lacquer, loom needs going through so that's probably next, be a few days before I do anything else, commitments first. Found replacement frame steering lock, just ordered cover, rivet and conical washer(?) from Fowlers to complete. 0_1511809912284_20171127_185247-1632x1224.jpg

  • @ninja what's that all about!

  • @oldman Go watch it and you will be enlightened my friend !!! šŸ˜‰

  • Watched it, still none the wiser, am I thick!

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