1989 rebuild update

  • @minia said in 1989 rebuild update:

    Give me. 😉

    Form an orderly queue!

  • @oldman Just out of curiosity, how many hours on average do you spend restoring each bike???

  • Seems like forever............... seriously though I can't say, think I have taken about 4 months on and off doing this one, last one was a bit longer, maybe 20 or more hours a week? Thing is I go in the garage and seem to find things to do all the time. Finally got an electrical connector kit so spent a couple of hours this evening replacing the tail lamp 3 pin connector under the seat.could have left the old chewed one there as it still worked but would niggle me. That's why I spend so much time doing it I think. Add on the time scouring the internet for parts and it gets even more, managed to find all new matching white panels bar one but it takes time, and I still keep looking for the missing one. Would sooner be doing that though than stuck in front of the goggle box, still waiting for decals so can't start next one until the 89 is gone. Decided to buy another shed this year as well, seem to have an unexplained amount of parts laying about😁 Will definitely be having a break when the better weather arrives, want to have a bit of fun on the red bike as delay with the wheels for that left no decent weather to enjoy it. Still tinker with that as well while waiting for decals.

  • Finally received the decals this morning and wasted no time getting them on, the more eagle eyed of you will notice these are for the 1990 model but buyers choice and looks good imho! Just the mot when I can and the bike will be gone to its new home. A bit of decent weather first would be nice though.0_1519327030595_20180222_165608-1024x576.jpg 0_1519327045061_20180222_164647-1024x576.jpg

  • Yes mate that looks sweet!

  • Just perfect!!!

  • Got to be honest and say not looking forward to letting it go, need the money for blue 88 though, turned out really well and kept me out of trouble over the winter.

  • @oldman When I eventually build my White and Red one...it wants to look exactly like this. I wouldn't let it go if it were me 😄

  • Have not told him cost of parts yet so maybe keeping anyway😂! Surprised me when I added it up, but you are right, I am reluctant to let it go. Going to move out in the sunshine this morning and get some better pics, my friend will take good care of it I know and will include option to buy back if he ever sells it. Think the 90 decals are the best ones on white bike, only thing missing is the disc guard extension that goes to caliper but will keep looking for that.

  • Pictures in the sun in all its shiny glory, and a picture of the twins together0_1519393132679_20180223_122637-1024x576.jpg 0_1519393153809_20180223_122754-1024x576.jpg 0_1519393165733_20180223_123405-1024x576.jpg

  • Road tested today and a sweet ride (as it should be) suspension good and engine strong although running a bit rich. Not keen on Romeu exhaust firing straight out, if it was mine would have tube fitted to deflect exhaust away from rear of bike. Also right calf felt the heat from the expansion chamber but I was only wearing jeans, not a problem with standard exhaust with heat shield. Stronger all through the rev range than my standard bike and impressive in the top half especially, replacement clutch perfect. Mot this week hopefully then away to the new owner sadly, but then start on no 3!

  • @oldman You amaze me. Those bikes just look so perfect and gorgeous. Do people bring you DTs to work on and restore or do you chase them around and sell them as finished projects? What's the story.

  • Just enjoy doing it, no other reason. Never going to get rich doing what I do, built the red one for myself and lifelong friend asked me to do one for him, that's the white one. The endurance blue one to do is a genuine 88 and there are few left now so not sure what I will do with it when finished. Bike mot'd yesterday , no issues but unhappy with low speed running. Took round to a friend whose son races mx at high level, he builds the engines up . Suggested next size pilot jet so removed this morning and found wrong one fitted, should be 25 but 17.5 fitted. When I rebuilt the carb assumed (wrongly) correct size in situ so just cleaned. Need magnifying glass to see markings, have a spare so no problem. Always use genuine jets, have some cheap ones any they are way out and poorly made. Thanks for the compliment BTW, does attract a lot of attention when I have taken it out. Did turn out better than my red one but always suspected it would, donor bike far better to start with.

  • That is an incredibly clean Honda DT there. 👌

    I do love 'Raspberry red'.

  • What setup are you using?

  • Tried a size 20 pilot jet first and then changed for size 25, lowered main jet to 230 from 240, going to test this afternoon.

  • Bike has gone to new owner now so just a quick update to final changes. Managed to source final oem panel so that all bodywork now genuine new yamaha parts. Had to purchase another decal kit though so have spares should they be needed. Final carb jetting was 25 pilot jet and 240 main jet and seems happy at that, running in at the moment and still entertaining to ride. Left the water hoses off the carb and just looped cylinder head feeds, never used in the cold by owner and aided quick removal of carb setting up. Gives me funds to carry on to the next one after the summer but endurance blue panels hard to find, may have to resort to having originals refinished and sprayed to match, have a nos tank and low mileage speedo though!

  • @oldman hi mate I no it's a long shot in looking for the decals for the white one as mine has been scratched anychance you can remember where you got them from thanks in advance 😊

  • Imageworks did them for me, have been really helpful doing most of my graphics. Much better than Facebook ones, good quality comparable to genuine.

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