Aprillia rx front end and rear wheel do they fit as an sm conversion?

  • Just saw them local has anyone tried them it’s 150 for forks front calliper and both wheels with good tyres

  • Anything fits given custom fabrication.

    It is unlikely to fit without custom fabrication, it's also likely that by making the conversion you will have to modify the rear end otherwise you will have a very sketchy layout. Picture:

       |   <---Front Wheel
      ooo  <---Chassis
      |    <--- Rear Wheel

    What do you notice?

    I had to do some serious machining to the rear end of my bike to get the front and rear wheels inline, then the front and rear sprockets inline. Don't underestimate this as otherwise you will end up with a bike that handles like a pig!

  • @calum thanks bud and the dt is in my bad books right now after pushing it miles at 4 in the morning so I don’t think it deserves it right now

  • @declan said in Aprillia rx front end and rear wheel do they fit as an sm conversion?:

    @calum thanks bud and the dt is in my bad books right now after pushing it miles at 4 in the morning so I don’t think it deserves it right now

    Consider that your carbon offset for the week😂

  • @declan If the parts are genuine RX then the wheels are the enduro 21/18" set-up. The MX was the SuMo version with 17" wheels, which may have been swapped for the stock enduro wheels? If you get the front forks that will solve the front wheel and brake fitment problem. However, the rear tyre is a 150/60/17 and may not fit in the DT swing-arm? I can measure my rear wheel to give you an overall size if you want? Plus the rear spindle may be a different diameter and/or length?

    Plus if the hubs are wider then lining up the sprockets would take some serious custom fab work to get it all in-line. Just as @Calum has stated. And lastly the chain, sprockets and rear brake are all on opposite sides, the DT ia chain left, rear brake right and the Aprilia is the opposite. You may be able to just flip the wheel over to get it the DT way around, but still some fab work will be needed to get it all to work correctly.

    Just some food for thought bud, there all not impossible problems to solve, but I would be very surprised if they were a straight swap???

  • @cyber-ninja appreciate the help but I realise I have bigger fish to fry since the bike is currently not working

  • @declan Oh dear, what have you done now?

  • @calum love how you assume it’s my fault 😂😂😂 pretty simple stuff something has went wrong in the junction box for the Rev cable also I have a coolant leak and I have some sort or lean situation and I’ve lost compression so I need new reeds since when I swapped the reed plates I had crazy good compression now it’s like it was before so I’m gonna do it all at one and be done with it

  • @declan should clarify I pull the Rev and it’s not activating the carb and I’ve got compression just not as good as when I swapped the reed petals and put them backwards I guess they have lost there flexibility

  • @declan Reed valves are one way. Stiffer reed valves stop reed flutter at high RPM and in no way affect compression. It's a one way reed valve.

    You will only lose compression though the piston, rings, cylinder wall and spark plug. Or head gasket.

    You loss of compression and loss of coolant, or a sudden appearence of a coolant leak, suggest something more untoward here. I will solve those issues, rather than addressing the reed petals.

    I run carbon reeds and haven't an issue

  • @calum I respect your knowledge but I’m 100% on the reed valves and compression and the coolant leak I’ve had since i rebuilt it and didn’t have the correct hose clamps so it weeps

  • @declan alt text

    Study that image and tell me how that could possibly be the case.

    The piston shuts off the intake air way, so it's not possible for air to go anywhere near there.

  • Although that said, they were invented for a reason.

    Yeah maybe you're right and I'm wrong on this one.

    That is a really useful picture though and I will leave me comment.

    I really don't know everything lol.

  • @calum all’s I can say mate is that mine were stuck open I close them try the kick and struggled to push it down by hand previously to that I could start it by hand no probs and I currently can just the same

  • If you look at the image.

    The reed valve helps store charge in the crank journals, so I guess if they don't operate properly then you will force charge back into intake.

  • @declan Yeah that doesn't sound right lol.

    Can you upload a photo?

    Where did you get the reeds?

    Pretty sure they cannot be installed incorrectly.

  • @calum they’re old bud chipped and burnt original ones I reckon they have just lost there”snap”

  • Time to get some upgrades, can't seem to find the ones I'm running, but heard good things about these


    I am going V-Force induction on the engine I am building ATM.

  • @calum you can get v force for these? I’ve got some eBay hy-tec ones in my sight 22 pound I think

  • @calum boyosen is a bit pricey for me at the moment I would like some though

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