2001 Yamaha DT R 125 or 2004 Yamaha DT RE 125

  • Hi guys I’m back again I’ve spent weeks looking for a DT and found two very good competitors both look to be in good condition so now it’s just deciding could you help out? I done some research and it says the RE is fuel injected and the R has a carb what would you guys choose if you had to and why?


  • @natnice I'm not 100% sure that the RE is indeed fuel injected, others on here will confirm this? Are both bikes the enduro model? Personally for me after owning a 2003 DTR I had heaps of fun riding it. However the worst things about DTR's are the poor brakes and soft suspension. Which type of riding are you planning on doing - On or Off road?

    Do you have any pics of the bikes you can post dude? Personally if I was to buy another DT, I would buy a DTX/RE SuMo model. Better brakes, wider tyres for better road holding and a newer design too. 😉

  • RE all the way over a 2001 model.

    The RE is carburetor, The only site you need to visit for research is this one 😄

    The 2001 models are horrendously restricted, so are the RE's, but they are so simple to derestrict, if it hasn't already been done.

    Both bkes will serve you well, they are practically the same.

  • Thanks for the replies guys here is picture of the DT RE 0_1506685371321_5C66126F-116C-498B-AE9B-71D0F27F1528.jpeg

  • I can’t seem to upload a picture of the DTR as it’s too large but I can tell you the RE looks better, I was planning on going to view it tomorrow is there anything I should pay attention to when viewing like signs of a bad DT RE?

    Thanks a ton

  • @natnice You don't have to upload an image, you can embed them from the original site.

  • Whilst i am not a fan of the sticker bombing on the RE, I suppose there is going to be few bikes that don't have them.

    Usually I sticker over accidents, or when my panels were trashed.

    These signs show the bike has been in an accident or two, don't worry though, what DT hasn't. The bikes are pretty solid and you will have to do some serious damage to it before it becomes unusable.

    I like the fact this RE still has the ignition cowel on, that's a good sign.

    It's got a full DEP system, so it's likely to be full power, which again will be a nice little bonus.

    The brakes on these bikes are usually shoddy.

    I would just check the swingarm for side to side lateral play, if it moves, then it'll need new bushes and bearings, from Yamaha these can be costly around the £200mark. But can be had cheaper from Simply Bearings etc.

    The bike should puff out blue smoke.

    Don't go on the colour alone, I run engine oil as transmission fluid, and if the crank seals weap then the smoke will also be blue.

    The smell will give it away here.

  • @natnice Read this thread here dude, it has a comprehensive list of things to check etc.


  • alt text
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    Ahh gotcha Calum here's the DTR

  • @cyber-ninja Great help thanks!!

  • Hmmm it's a toughy!

    I prefer the DTRE's, because that's my little pup, but I'm more feling the DTR for looks here.

    Personally, I wouldn't bother with the DTR performance wise since I'm reliably told the 2001 era of DT's suck.

    Unless you want to buy an aftermarket CDI, they are just severely limited.

    What's your price range out of interest.

    I would recommend, not jumping the gun, and just ensuring you end getting a nice one.

    It all depends on what you're after.

  • Another difference to note is that the RE is electric start (hence the 'E') whereas the R is kick start only.
    You can retrofit a kickstart to the RE so you end up with the best of both worlds

  • @calum I can spend anything up to £2000 and performance is quite a factor for me to so maybe ill stay away from the DT R

  • @natnice It''s not necessarily the DTR, it's just the models from 2001-2004.

    If you're going to tune it, then it won't make any difference. But bog standard, the 2001 cannot be fully derestricted.

  • @calum Right I see good thing you said because i've planned on riding it standard for quite a bit before I decide to do anything to it.

  • +1 for the RE, looks alone for me!

  • As much as I love the style of the R over the RE, the RE seems more refined and the electric start is definitely handy!

  • Thanks for your opinions guys I’m heading out to get it tomorrow! I’ll update you in a week or so if all goes well!

    I got the Yamaha DT RE and I'm loving it!! She does have some N.H.S tires though which I need to change any suggestions? I do like tires which appear to look thicker, I am open to suggestions!

  • Happy dayz! Throw up some photos!

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