Hard shifting still standing

  • I have noticed my bike doesnt want to cooperate when I'm standing at a traffic light for example. Let's say I had sixth gear in and break to a full stop without changing gear. I have to let the clutch out for the gears to jump out. No problem otherwise when the bike is moving. Anything strange?

  • Nope normal

  • No that's normal. Just rock the bike back and forth when you're in traffic.

    Ideally, shift to second when you're coming to a stop. No need to be left in sixth!

  • The Rotax 122 engine MY GOD IS THE WORST for this lmao!

  • @irongamer727 DTR's gearboxes were designed so that in order to increase braking efficiency, you have to change down each gear releasing the clutch each time you go down a gear. AKA drop down 1 gear and release, then repeat. So for planned stops you need to use the engine to help you decelerate as described. Obviously for emergency stops this creates a bit of a problem, but suffice to say you will need to modify your riding style to be compatible with your bike's designed riding style.

  • @cyber-ninja Is that a fact?

    Engine braking on two strokes is dangerous, it sounds unlikely to me that that was a design.

    Haven not ridden many bigger bikes, do they not inhibit similar functions?

    I just felt it was the nature of sequential straight cut gearboxes.

  • @calum I'm not sure if it is a fact or not, but that's exactly what I was told by a Yamaha dealer.

  • @calum well the nutters who live near me who ride 2 strokes using max engine braking I’m talking yz 125 from 5th to 1st they all do it and never had problems so I reckon it’s okay for a certain amount of time say like you engine brake for 5 seconds then touch the throttle the excessive engine braking has got to be bad

  • @declan Yeah, no oil pump mate on crossers, that'll be why.

    But when your oil is controlled by the throttle, on most road going two strokes, trust me, engine braking becomes a problem.

  • @calum so I’m new to two strokes but your aren’t how many people have asked if your bike is powerbanded?

  • @declan No one, but then I don't hang around with people who talk like that.

  • @calum neither do I but it seems to find me no one seems to understand that all engines have a power band it just amazes me how they can have expensive bikes and yet know nothing about how they work surely. You have to look at the basics before riding it?

  • @declan Aww mate, I mean, there was a time when you and I didn't know these things.

    It's ignorance that gets me. If you insist on driving a car, then you should at least be willing to understand some basics.

    I see it all the time, cars absolutely hanging, and the owner completely oblivious!

  • @calum no you got me wrong as you know I’m not the brightest I’m not saying you must know all there is to know but you have to respect the machine it’s as much a part of your safety as others.

  • @Calum I guess I just see it all the time I mean I’m considered strange since I won’t ride without a helmet I even got asked why I was wearing a helmet while riding off road it’s just strange the way people minds work it’s all balaclavas and bandanas while riding bikes here

  • Yeah, that's the way I look at it.

    Whilst I never understanding riding without a helmet, the person you endanger is yourself. Totally different story when using a faulty vehicle, the potential to harm to others is astronomical. That's my gripe with it.

    Forums are great, because it takes effort to be a part of the forum, and taking part shows an interest.

  • @calum well I gotta disagree a little I believe that by blatantly not wearing a helmet and wearing a bandana I just fail to see how you can’t care for anyone else’s safety if you have such a disregard for your own that said I’m not no saint I’m not legal I don’t do speed limits all the time but I’m always thinking and choose when to go fast and when to not but I don’t know to tell you the truth if I had a nice big enduro track I’d love it and but the police won’t let me use the local mx track because I’ve not been in trouble with the police,before I got the dt I couldn’t imagine riding on the road I never did it but now I don’t have too much of a choice

  • I think it's just the nature of the beast like @Calum says. I have to do it on my Triumph

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