DEP vs RomeuHenriques

  • Have just fitted a Romeu exhaust and it is impressive, can't comment on durability or performance as yet. Have a new Dep exhaust that came with the boxed up 88 and was going to get it plated over to try and counter the rot problem. Anyone tried that or any other remedy? Personally would not purchase Dep due to reputation. The seller I bought the bike said he had rejected the first one sent as already had rust on joints.

  • @oldman so I had a rotten big one I sanded it down and painted it black now it’s like new but obviously you lose the shine but I love it all the same

  • @calum which is?

  • @irongamer727 My understanding is that the port timings for the 170 Kit was based off the DT200R. As such the ports are 3mm too low. People have shaved 3mm off the head and shimmed it at the base to correct this.

  • Here is the link I found when browsing.

    Years ago now mind you.

  • Just wanted to update this thread and say I got my romeuhenriques exhaust.

    My DEP has a small hole near the cylinder head, so thought I'd treat myself.

    Before hand, I was struggling to get 60mph in 6th out of my bike with the DEP on. With the new exhaust I'm in 4th gear at 55-60.

    The powerband is a lot more prominent and you can feel it actually pull you back.

    The bike also comes up in 1st 2nd and 3rd with no clutch, just raw power.

    Thought I'd update this thread incase anybody is sitting on the wall debating if they should get a DEP or spend the extra money and get the better exhaust. πŸ™‚

  • @pjt95 Performance wise, I found the DEP very good. It was just that it rusted so easily. I hope the stainless option lasts longer.

  • Yeah I think it was the crack that caused the lack of power from the DEP. However when I first got the bike, it had power but not as much power as it has now. If you are looking for best bang for buck, I'd go with the DEP. But if you're looking to get the most out of a DT, I think Romeu is the way to go if you have the cash. πŸ˜ƒ I'm so surprised with the amount of power the bike has now because I've been without it for so long!

  • DEP is a good pipe, fair enough. But it lacks a big amount of power in the powerband, i find giannelli/arrow to be the most fun AND powerful. I think DEP might be good for trails riding, since you can control the bike a lot with it.

    I'd love to have a Romeu, never tried one. But in videos and stuff it sounds amazing

  • Its sounds a lot better in person and the videos don't really do it justice. I have a video of when I had the DEP on, so I'll put my gopro on tomorrow, get a quick vid of the romeu and post it on here as a "comparison" for anyone interested

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