Clutch sticking

  • Thought I would sneak out for a pre mot ride today even though it's freezing out, and the clutch plates are sticking. Tried adjusting out but action at lever just gets harder, should have stripped the clutch when I had the engine on the bench, oh well...... Ordered new kit (mitaka) as if I have to strip no point putting back old ones, . Just when I thought it was finished, should not take long though.

  • My bike did that after rebuild, plenty of revs and drop into 1st with the back brake held on. Should free off ok

  • You mean the clutch won't disengage?

    Are you sure the clutch was all rebuilt properly? Torqued to the correct spec and the plates must go in a certain order.

  • Plates sticking is very common if a bikes been sitting, put it in 6th with engine off and rock the bike back and forward with clutch out, if that doesn't work just ride it around changing gear and holding clutch fully in the whole time for a while, will unstick in no time, happens on my trials bike nearly every ride.

  • Not had it on my dt and that was sat for 2 years before I rode it into storage.

  • Same here with my red one, left standing for an age and that was fine, can't think anything was put back in wrong order but something not right I am sure. Even with full adjustment on cable still dragging, should have paid more attention when it was on the bench. Going to strip out tomorrow hopefully and new plates/ springs ordered already (mitaka). Did try engaging high gear etc and increased engine revs etc but still the same, even if it worked I would probably strip it out anyway as believe something not correct.

  • @oldman Yeah, you probably mixed the clutch plates the wrong way around.

  • Doh! .....

  • @oldman ? Plates the wrong way around?

  • Sorry mate, other duties today, if I get a chance tomorrow will get the plates out, snow would be good excuse to this southern softie!

  • Removed clutch plates and all seem fine although push rod discoloured last 30 mm. Will clean and polish before refitting, plates all assembled correctly and wondering if plates could be contaminated by something, replacements ordered anyway so should be here shortly.

  • Clutch arrived today so all fitted and no issues reassembling, my best guess is old clutch contaminated or distorted although not to the naked eye. Will start tomorrow and check all is good, bit late tonight and don't think my neighbours would thank me at midnight! Fitted complete kit with new steel plates and springs so should last a while hopefully.

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