Few problems with my dt125re

    1. Has my dt125re in a paddock stand over weekend to tighten chain up and noticed the swing arm moving slightly up as I was tighten does something needs replacing or is this normal ??

    2. I have noticed while the exhaust was off the powervavle has moved and is not inline with the exhaust port how can I adjust ? And should this move on it’s own ? Will anything need replacing ? The valve should be set to fully open aswell

    3. Iv found a little gearbox oil dripping from the gear selector it doesn’t seems excessive but still a problem what will need replacing or repairing ?

    Sorry if it’s not in the right category

    Any help advice will be much appreciated

  • @bradt right so the gear shaft will need a new seal these are really easy to do take two mins, the pv is adjusted via the two cables on the left side of the head nothing should need replacing,the swing arm moving is most likely the rear shock bushings wearing out now I’ve had new bikes that still have a little play I believe my dt has a little play even through the bushings are good rattle the wheel up and down and if it clangs or sounds dodgy replace them

  • Cheers mate there is a little bit of clanging from swing arm so will get them replaced , haven’t a clue were to start with pv, and will get a new seals ordered for the shifter


  • @bradt you should visibly see the play in the bushes try locating where the play is first so I don’t lead you down the wrong direction

  • Checked the swing arm last night no clanging or bangs only slight movement I will leave the swing arm till last want the pv sorting first

    Might aswell give the pv a clean while I adjust but how do I dismantle ?

    Many thanks

  • Administrator

    @bradt If there is any play in the swingarm, and you ride it, you risk damaging it further, failure that, the shock.

    It will also reek havoc on your wheel bearings as well.

    Any suspension component will have consequence, big or small, on many other parts.

    If this were me, I'd look to sort that out as a priority.

    Just my two pence on the matter.

  • Bike not been rode at minute iv took it off road to get something things sorted and painted

    But thanks will get that sorted soon as


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