Unreal fuel mileage on a DT 125 RE?

  • So I went for a run out through the coast today, roughly 55 miles run to a coastal town which the DT done the journey flawlessly, as usual. Stopped the bike and hung about with some mates for a few hours, cold started the bike again then went to the only fuel station in the town, it was shut...
    Looked in my tank and was pretty much full still, id say a couple litres gone or somewhere around, so left for the 30 odd miles run to the city to fill up. Got to the city no problem without needing reserve and the bike only took about £4.60 of BP momentum!
    Surely this cannot be right for an unrestricted DT 125 RE on standard carb, the bike has a Romeu Hendriques full system, de restriction for the revs, airbox snorkel removed, all emissions stuff plugged, no air leaks. Carb is jetted spot on according to a plug chop (250 main, 27.5 pilot)
    The run was mainly flowing roads with a fair few junctions and roundabouts, sitting 50-60 mostly. This sorta MPG hasnt been rare for the bike, its done some pretty mega runs on one tank before over the past 2k ish miles ive done the past couple months...
    Is this normal for a DT to get 90 ish MPG taking it easy? I try and sit low revs where possible but it gets the good blast every once in a while to clear its throat. Gearing is enduro gearing +1t front, however on 17" SM wheels.

  • I used to get just over 100 miles to a tank.

    What's your problem? You saying it's bad on fuel.

    I never saw the argument for a 125 four stroke to say a 2 stroke is bad on fuel. Yes the four stroke is much better, but it's a trade off I don't want.

    I'd rather the extra poke where it matters.

  • No I'm extremely happy about its fuel mileage, to a point in worried as to why a two stroke like this should be so good on fuel haha, sounds abit irregular as found another forum with people saying they got 30mpg and 60 miles to a tank on standard DTs 😮

  • @glynn123 Nah, my RE was really good.

    To be fair, it's the oil that gets expensive.

  • @calum ah sweet cheers for clearing up, was wondering if I was missing something at all that could be causing a problem, but jetting is all good and it runs great. Oil isn't too bad for me as got a collection of castrol power 1 in the sale last year 😂

  • I get between 50 and 60 mpg on a long fast run so I reckon 90 is achievable riding like you said.
    Mines derestricted as well, plus 1 tooth less on the front sprocket

  • I get around 85-90 miles per tank before needing to tap in to the reserve. Does anyone know how long the reserve lasts? 10-20 miles?

  • @pjt95 Yeah it's about that, I wouldn't want to go too far on reserve.

  • @pjt95 be careful I have an aftermarket tap and the reserve is really small

  • Was putting around today with a friend, riding small tracks and secondary roads. Didnt reach reserve in 200km, managed 25,5km/l.

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