Dtr 125 racing rota / stator / flywheel

  • Hi does anyone know what racing stators fit a dtr there
    Is a company on facebook that have one fitted with an mvt rota if anyone could point me in the right direction i would be forever greatfull 👍0_1528727209413_1528286641599.jpg

  • So those inner rotor kits are not suitable for road use. They won't charge the battery or run lights.

  • @calum these kits do have a provision for lights and charging just no electric start ..... the guy at bar racing said he would send me one for 320 quid through bank transfer and seems verry odd so i was looking elsewhere

  • @stinkwheeler It's rare to see inner rota kits generate enough power to do such tasks. But I am by no means an expert.

    Secondly, what are your intentions? You are aware this will absolutely decimate bearings, piston rings and pistons. These are seriously not meant for road use.

    The performance you gain isn't really suited to road use either. I italicise gain because you won't be making any more power. I assume you understand the physics behind flywheel technology, so I won't go into it here.

    For track use, naturally these things are mental. But they really are not practical for road use.

  • @calum im mainly asking as i have one fitted to my rs125 which i use for work everyday which i do approximately 35 miles a day which made a huge improvement (aside from having to bump it ) it made the lights much better and it definitely made a small increase in power I've been running it now just under 3 years on a rotax 123 engine on the road so i cant see the physics behind it being much differant on a dt ... that engine pictured was for road use and fits a standard loom . I was really asking if anyone knew where i could source one for the dt many thanks

  • @stinkwheeler Wow that's mental? You've been running one on your RS with no issues?

    Do what I done to my RS, convert it to kick start 😉

  • @calum yea its been fine ... is it easy to convert the 123 engine to kickstart ? Or do you have the 122 engine as id imagine there different and i couldn't get hold of an sp engine or one from the rx ..... i run a extremely ported polini 160 (by mick abby) ... lectron 38 mm carb ... race inner rota with lightened flywheel ( which i also drilled out to make it even lighter ) rave 2 pnematic pv vforce reeds and a tyga stainless pipe

  • Probably a custom job with adapters, that engine looks like a 1 off

  • @stinkwheeler Oh that's mental. I heard about the lectron carb, any good?

    Yeah I have a rotax 122 engine, still though I thought they were very similar.

    That's pretty crazy spec to be fair.

  • @calum err lectron carbs are pretty good to be fair but you have to modifiy or get a custom throttle cable made as the inner cable needs to be longer ... but essentially you have no jets so tuning should be easier.... saying that it took a while to set up but definitely worth it ..... its never missed a beat in the 3 years I've owned it ... the thing with the rs is to run as tight squish as possible im on .8 atm its really quick but i hate the rs ... the side stand is rubbish ..and the lights ... im 6.2 and 30 ... so its also tiny and gives me a bad back 😂

  • @stinkwheeler Yeah, fair enough. It's meant for teenagers after all.

    The Polini kits weren't the most reliable of big bore kits, had one before. Bike went mental, but standard seized. I put it down to poorly jetted, but sounds like you've got that covered.

    Brother picked up a Cagiva Raptor the other day, same age as you (little bit shorter) and that's just lovely to ride. I had a quick blast on it, probably about the same height as you, and I thought it was perfectly comfortable. It's basically a naked Cagiva Mito.

  • @calum my polini kit has been sweet just run it slightly rich always and running no base gasket is the trick ... just use instant gasket 😉 ..... and the thing is i want another dt mine was stolen and i bought the rs ..... i want to build another dt with ported athena 170 .. race inner rota .... 34mm Klein flatslide v force reeds stainless pipe ect ... thats why I'm on here stealing ideas looking to spend 4k on this one 🙂

  • @stinkwheeler Keep us posted

  • So what's the actual effects of these inner rotas? Never heard much about them

  • @glynn123 Common on peds.

    Basically reverse the operation of the flywheel. Instead of spinning a heavy magnet around the stator. Spin the magnet inside the stator.

    It's more compact and light, but won't generate the same amount of electricity.

    But a lightweight flywheel isn't really what you want on a daily.

    For a car, it'll destroy the mains. Makes them really annoying to drive since and bump in the road will cause the engine to spin up to red line. A flywheel is meant to be an energy store, so lightening allow it to spin up, but consequently at a reduction of stored energy.

  • @calum How does them racing rotors destroy the engine?

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