The Helios Project (Aprilia RS 125 Rotax 122 Biaggi Race Replica)

  • Finally got my RS out of storage and into my new home

    alt text

    DT is in another garage whilst I painted the floor but she aight!

    alt text

    Loving the new pad regardless

  • @Calum Your new workshop floor matches your bikes perfectly, is that your favorite colour by any chance??? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes: :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat: :face_with_tears_of_joy: 🤣

  • @Calum how longs it been since you saw the dt in person?

  • @declan I saw it quite a few times since I put it into storage. Hadn't ridden it since 2014. But I have used it a fair amount now.

  • All looks 😎, can't beat a man cave!

  • PS, I'll be round for a test ride on that rs one day!

  • @oldman you and me both. Just needs the final few touches

  • Obviously I have finished this project and I'm not actively buying stuff for it. But my Dad wanted to know what to get me for Christmas, despite insisting that I didn't want anything, he was adamant to buy me something. I told him to get me this.

    alt text

    alt text

    And yes, I am pleased with it.

    My aftermarket OEM lookalike leaked fuel, so it's nice to have a high quality item that shouldn't leak fuel.

    I am sure I will find some use for this brand new one another time.

  • So close to being ready

    alt text

    Unfortunately, the used gear linkage I bought was just worn out so I couldn't get the rearsets fitted properly.

    alt text

    The pinch bolt has been stripped and the teeth spin on the output shaft. I was just struggling with this for a while and bit the bullet on buying a new one, quite expensive for what they are (£20).

    It's adjusted perfectly now! Setup like a dream.

    alt text

    And the brand new fuel tap I bought leaked, thinking it could be the tap or the tank but again another £20 on another brand new tap and that seems to be fine.

  • @Calum beautiful.

  • I did keep this a little hush hush, but after what was a very unsuccessful outing
    alt text

    The bike broke down in several spots, bits fell off and I badly damaged my linkage rod

    alt text

    A new rod was on order immediately, as well as the tie rod. Which aren't cheap!

    The fuel tank still leaks! I tried a spare tank and that was the same! So I just went with a genuine tap and NO LEAK!

    So it's just addressing small issues.

    I love wing mirrors, but they are pointless on this bike as I can't see jack!

    alt text

    So I've got rid of those and need to get some blanking plates.

    The linkage arm would randomly stop selecting gears and I don't know why. Perhaps I rebuilt the engine incorrectly? Well a cable tie on the linkage rod has fixed this issue.

    Oh and the clocks I bought don't work. I have a spare one but I think it's a faff to change.

    But this bike is finally starting to stop showing problems. I've been able to get out and enjoy bedding the engine in. It's been really stressful but I guess it's all par for the course!

    Hopefully, when lockdown is over, maybe I can use it a little more.

  • @Calum yeah when you go through a bike completely there's bits you miss and bits that just break or fall off shit happens looking good though

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