Hi, newbie with a basic question

  • Hi all, I’ve just bought myself a 2007 125 dt re. I wanted to have a tinker, change air filter, oil? (Is that required) and the spark plug. Basically everything seems manageable except for the spark plug. It’s in a really awkward spot and I cannot get my ratchet into the socket no matter what I do. So I’m after some advice on how to remove it please and also just general advice on simple maintenance. Thanks for reading.

  • Hello! Welcome!

    Changing air filter and oil is always a good thing with new ownership, I'd even change the coolant as well as you don't know what is in there, could just be water. You should be able to unscrew the spark plug with just a spanner bit by bit until you can do it by hand, doesn't hurt to change it as well only about £6-7 or so.

  • Plenty of room to remove the sparkplug.

    You will need to remove the tank, but this is easy enough, three bolts.

    You need to remove the seat, two bolts.

    I'd recommend getting an Iridium plug for it, always grabbed them for my bikes. Worked a treat.

    Just to confirm, by oil you mean gearbox oil and not two stroke oil. As that oil is burnt not recycled.

    If you changed the two stroke oil then be sure to bleed the pump, else you'll risk seizing the engine.

  • Thank you so much guys, will get my tools out tomorrow and get that spark plug changed

  • @Calum thanks for the advice. Yes it was gearbox oil-is that a straight forward job?

  • @Minia thank you Minia, sound advice

  • Gearbox oil is straight-forward, open drain bolt, collect oil, drain bolt back in, put in the correct amount of new oil (forgot how much you need) and voila. Just make sure the washer is intact on the drain bolt, you can buy 2-stroke gearbox oil or just put 4-stroke oil in it will do the same job. I think I have 10w-40 in mine, I know a few using 10w-30 as well.

  • Just don't run castrol magnetec. Also also, be very careful how you tighten the gearbox oil drainage bolt if it's the OEM one it snaps like cheese!

  • Have to use a spanner for the spark plug I'm afraid, if I remember right a 21mm?

  • @Glynn123 Nope, I've used a ratchet in the past.

  • @Calum my apologies, didn't read the replies before posting haha, I've always just used a spanner and left all tank etc on.

  • @Glynn123 Try changing a spark plug on my GasGas without taking the tank off... How to rip fingernails. Yet I still do it...

  • @col29 Hi and welcome to the club, post some pics of your new ride for us all to see!!! 😉

  • Oil capacity will be stamped on the case near where you pour in the oil it should be 750 ml in my experience I hate changing plugs on the dt I had to get a ratcheting spanner for it as it was a nightmare just take your time with everything although it’s basic maintenance all’s it takes is one snapped bolt and it’s s garage job so just don’t rush and it will be a really easy

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