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  • @declan My thoughts exactly.

  • @Calum said in Accidental Museum:

    Lovely bikes. That blue dtr has to be my favourite colour scheme!

    Welcome to the forum. Pics of your rds?

    Thanks for the comment. I'm not a restorer (I have done in past) My way of working
    now has evolved into hunting down original well looked after bikes and then correcting any faults, damage etc with similar age parts. I seem to prefer the natural look with patina, and enjoy the story the bike tells. This is mostly with my RDs, but I travel a silly amount of miles all across Europe so always pick up other bikes I know well from the 1980s.
    Here's about 1/4 of my RD body part spares, about 1/20 of all my RD spares. Even then, rare stuff is very low on stocks now. Like good shocks, cranks, original bore barrels.

    If I had just a few bikes then I would probably go for the 'better than new' restoration look. But a big collection with all new paint jobs is for people with a lot more money than me 🙂

  • @NINJA

    thanks for the comment, see above, I do my bikes without restoration work. I keep so many bikes it would be too expensive to restore them as such especially paint jobs. I collect original low mile parts or break clean bikes and then fix the lower mile bikes as they are recommissed.

    I do sometimes do a slight custom/special look which will have new paint and coatings. Like these ones. Nothing clever just subtle cosmetic changes.

  • @Museumman Your bikes look amazing dude, just like they originally left the factory - kudos to ya. Obviously your system clearly works, time consuming no doubt, but at least you get to see some nice parts of the world on your travels!!! 😁

  • Good looking bikes, saw an rd 125 at a vjmc summer show and brought back memories! Have been following the forum Declan/ Calum, just been busy with new shed. Almost complete, just skirting boards to finish and CCTV to install. Have been collecting parts ready to rebuild the endurance blue Dt as well, need rear mudguard, left rear panel and front right scoop to have complete bodywork if you have any museum man?

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    Some lovely looking bikes here! Personal favourite is your friends TDR

  • @Mightyman said in Accidental Museum:

    Some lovely looking bikes here! Personal favourite is your friends TDR

    I will take one of those rd's myself!

  • I like the colour scheme on that Red & Black RD 😃

  • @Calum Yeah that bike looks mint, in fact I might say it looks very NINJA-ISH!!! 😁

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