• Hello all
    Just purchase a 1990 dt125r, one owner from new and in pretty good condition for its age. Just done the basics air filter plug oil brake fluids tyres
    I am looking at a new exhaust, are the romne handmade stainless systems as good as they look ? £309 is fairly pricey but I hear the dep systems rot
    Any advice welcome as the last one of these I had was back in 1994

  • Depends how long you're keeping the bike and what if any engine mods you want.

  • @shaunp1912 Hi -
    Welcome to the club, post some pics of your bike dude. And yes the Romeu systems are pricey but well worth every penny. They will last twice as long as a DEP system, be less maintenance and as it's hand crafted it should offer slightly better performance. A well worthwhile investment which will also add value to your bike for-sure!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • I mean it doesn't rot, but even with the best will in the world, it will start to gain surface rust in our climate. Nature of the beast.

    Hello and welcome. Through up some photos!

  • Welcome, get some photos up 🙂

  • Romeu pipe is awesome, mines been through a lot and still strong. As for power can't really compare with Dep as I haven't rode with one, but bags of power in the top end and enough in the low end, you won't have any revving problems if it's jetted to the pipe as they absolutely scream

  • @Glynn123 what jet would you recommend?

  • @shaunp1912 Stock, unless you're finding it's running lean.

  • Definitely not stock if you have one of the carbs running 210 main in the UK, I run a 250 with pipe, emmissions stuff removed and airbox cutout extended, 240 should be fine standard

  • @Glynn123 Ran 210 on my DEP no problems. They even recommend 210. Upping the main jet only affects WOT and since the DEP really affects mostly the midrange grunt, the main jet is not the limiting factor.

    My advice is to jet accordingly, but you may find just running a slightly higher octane fuel is all that is necessary.

    I actually had more problems with jetting when I switch to a wossner piston.

  • Love to see some pics Shaun

  • How do you post photos having a nightmare with my iPhone