Winter is coming. Hold the garage door.

  • @Calum got to be since they rust,,,,,and yeah I feel your pain a little my 250 has the same problem only it’s a plastic tank as a temp fix I put an o ring on the bolt which sorted it obviously that wouldn’t work for you but I’d advise some metal epoxy layered over it that will sort it it’s just a shame garages don’t care my girlfriend had her car in and to get the wheel off they were using a hammer on the bare aluminium and gave it the worst gutterash you have ever seen

  • @declan I don't know what garage you went to. The one I went to was recommended by my riding and driving schools so I thought go with it. I don't know whether they had an apprentice or knew guy but whatever it is, it isn't human. They're using fucking monkeys is all I can say. So much for a "professional industry". A fucking mechanic did that to my tank man!

  • @Minia it’s apprentices for sure some of them don’t have the passion how can you do a job with care if you don’t have a passion for what your doing

  • If you do it yourself there's only one person to blame, deeply distrustful of anyone touching my bikes other than me. Always come away thinking did they do all they said and do it properly? Get stuck in! Early tanks all steel as well

  • @oldman Aye, I'm certainly done trusting other people to work on my bikes. And good to know, I'll probably weld the tank then. Cheers.

  • @Minia be extra careful suprisingly easy to blow your tank up even without fuel and after being washed out

  • Continued with removing bits and bobs this afternoon, drained the coolant out so I could remove the expansion bottle and get the airbox out of the way and make it easier to get through to the carb. I'll give everything a good clean once it's all out, a few more rough areas revealing themselves, no surprises though.

    Bought a shelf and kept it in two to use as a bench as I'm slowly running out of room.
    alt text

    A few questions to throw out though.

    alt text
    Am I wrong to assume there is supposed to be a screw on this side of the carb? Left is inlet, right outlet.

    alt text
    What is the black box attached to the engine inlet? It's not connected with anything else, just the inlet. Had a quick look in Haynes and didn't find anything.

    Cheers folk 🙂

  • YEIS?

    alt text

    A resonance system to store air for certain RPM ranges.

  • @Calum So yes I'm missing some sort of screw aye?

  • Back to working on the bike, pulled the carburettor out the other day and thought I had an oil leak causing the oil to piss out all over the engine, then I saw my hand covered in blood and realised I'd cut myself. Not exactly pleasant but I'll survive. Carb is pretty dirty, not even yellow but green stains and buildup so I'll probably take it apart and throw it in an acid bath.

    Also bought myself a battery charger/maintainer as they were on sale on amazon and it certainly doesn't hurt to have one, so that is happily charging the battery on the benelli 🙂

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    The more I remove bits off the bike the more I think about a complete rebuild, but I'll leave that decision making for later.

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