Dt125r 2001 keeps dieing

  • I have a dt125r 2001 y reg, recebt top end rebuild I have just ran it in and was working lovely but for the past two mornings on the way to work it has decided after a 5 or 10 minuet run it wants to cut out and die. Leave it for 5minuets or so snd it will start again but start to run like a bag of shit and not want to go and die again ... any insight would help I al not currently with the bike but would like to know where to look .

  • @jamesrandall93 maybe a blockage in the fuel system so the carb is struggling to fill?

  • @declan so new fuel hoses and re set the carb?

  • Who performed the rebuild?

    Definitey used the right piston? Put in the right way. Piston Ring end gap measured?

    Gasket on the right way? You losing coolant? Did you use a genuine/Athena head gasket. Did you use a forged piston (had to jet my DT like 4 ratings with a Wossner.

    Is it the right spark plug? Is there a kink in the fuel hose? Is the float operating correctly.

    No air leak. Carb boot and intake manifold on correctly, no cracks or leaks.

    No blockages in the inlet tract. Air box clean and free of debris. Not overly smoking? No black smoke? Head wasn't damaged when it went for a rebuild/

  • @Calum moterbike shop near me done it using all original parts cost me £450 ran it in correctly and all of a sudden due to poor weather conditions it keeps cutting out in he mornings in the afternoone or evening it didnt do it

  • @jamesrandall93 wow that's expensive. Something doesn't sound right. By poor conditions do you mean rain? Could be water getting into the inlet tract or into something electrical.

  • @Calum my dt used to lose its shit and stop working In the rain pretty sure it was water finding it’s self into the flywheel never rode it since fix so don’t know for sure

  • @declan Yeah that'll wanna be water tight. But it should still work. Since it's using magnetic flux. So dunno.

  • @Calum how would i stop water though its bloody winter I dont get why it runs like a bga of shit one minuet and the next fine.. leaving me scratching my head tbh.

  • @jamesrandall93 Well that's what I'm saying. There is something wrong with your bike. I used to have no issues, summer winter, water whatever.

  • @Calum I think I tested in with a water hose and it was fine just no real world test wet roads were fine but if I even slightly touched grass it would be game over it would be limited to around 4K would need to rest for 10 minutes and it would be good as new

  • @declan going to start with the basics.. carb clean air box and filter new plug clean all the loom cling film and vasaline them to keep the moister off and see if their is anything I seem to find

  • @jamesrandall93 Sounds like a good plan, I would also check all your hoses and pipes for any splits. If there is a leak or a split hose that would most likely be the culprit???