No spark :(

  • I was riding, ran like normal, and suddenly the bike started sputtering and it stopped, i got it home, and checked everything. The plug looked fine, it sparked good in my friends bike. I checked the coil and the wire for the spark plug cap for resistance, and it was fine. When i turn the key on it makes a spark at the plug, but when i turn the engine over it does not give any spark.

    Even though im not experienced with these kind of problems, it seems pretty weird that the bike shut off like that with nothing indicating it any suggestions

  • Side Stand switch, Neutral switch ,Clutch switch can cause these types of problems.

  • @Calum how does the clutch switch work, i think it happened right after i shifted gears

  • It's just a microswitch on the clutch lever that won't allow you to press the starter motor whilst in gear without the clutch engaged.

    It's only on the RE models. It would only affect the bike if it wasn't in neutral and/or only if you were using the starter motor. And IIRC it actually stops you pressing the starter, not spark.

    Does it start on a bump?

  • @Calum no spark when bumpstarting, my starter motor has not worked for a long time.

  • @Calum the side stand switch is looped, the neutral switch is disconnected so the bike thinks it is in gear all the time

  • Right, yeah not sounding great.

    Obviously the bike wasn't designed to be like that.

    I'd be fixing all of those issues, you could be introducing issues through those facts.

  • @Calum yup, but the bike worked like that for a long time so i dont really see them as problems anymore😂

    Ive checked the coil, and there is no elecricity going into it, but i ohmed it and it seemed fine. So i guess the problem is either a wiring issue between the cdi and the coil, or the cdi itself, right?

  • Check your pulse coil(on the generator) , make sure the resistance is in range. I had a no spark issue which turned out to be open circuit on the pulse coil.

    Also get a Haynes manual. The bike becomes so simple with a manual to hand.

    Hope you sort it!

  • @frazer-c one of the wires were split in two, i just soldered it together, put a new spark plug in, and it fired up right away!

  • Nice one!

  • Can't beat that kind of easy repair even though they can be an arse to find 😉

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