• Bonjour forum! I’m stevie, I’m 20 years old and I have Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD). I have never been part of a forum before, I’d always thought they where for nerds 😉 Now here I am eating my words after lurking and winding up here so many times from numerous google searches, as if it wasn’t for this forum I wouldn’t know or have anywhere near any of the information I know now or needed to know! (a special mention to darty and ninja).
    Are there any rules I need to know or guidelines to using the forum/site?

  • @dtStevie98 Welocme to the club, just be friendly and everyone will get along. Upload some pics of your bike. 😉

  • Hello and welcome!

    I adore forums, they have technical knowledge that can't be beaten. It's not a busy site, unlike social nedia. But we are all gear heads that love anything bije related.

    The main rule is search before asking. And introduce yourself. You have already done that so you are top in my books!

    Welcome to the forum.

    We got some good stuff here.

  • Welcome! Send some pictures of your bikes 🙂

  • hello matey,i have the same as you as does my son and sometimes find it difficult to engage in normal conversation but i am sure you will be fine here(i just tend to lurk cos i dont have much to contribute!)..check out some of the builds these amazing lads have done to get the jist ,some fantastic bikes and really interesting projects aswell..:thumbs_up:

  • welcome aboard mate

  • Welcome my friend

  • @NINJA that goes without saying, also hello it’s lovely to speak to you after reading so many years worth of posts no doubt I’ll be picking your brain and getting to know you, ps I absolutely love your builds, pretty sure before I even bought a DT I’d saved a photo from one of your bikes dude. Considering how DTR’s are becoming scarce and almost vintage it’s really surprising to see such a strong community and so many owners all doing different things

  • @bonus as far as Asperger’s go I’m a bit of an anomaly, is I have almost all of the traits of high functioning ASD adhd add etc but I don’t severely lack any of the social or emotional side of things, pretty weird huh? 😂 anytime you want to chat just shoot us a message bro and yeah I have man some of them are insane!! I really love the 80’s YZ style build as well as some of the crazier ones, it’s good to see people being different and pushing boundaries

  • @mhbikesnbits cheers dude, previous to owning a DTR I built (with help obviously) a 150cc race spec lexmoto adrenaline for a laugh (honestly i joined every Facebook group for the Make/that bike and couldn’t find a more heavily modified one 😂 Eats WR’s and KTM Dukes for under £1500 though 😉

  • @Calum Cheers my bro! In all honesty I was mostly expect replies saying I’d posted in the wrong section or messed like that or something 😂 I won’t lie the way it organised sometimes kills my ocd but I’ll live. I agree entirely, I must also add very eloquently and articulately put. I’m just glad I’ve found somewhere I can find things out, I never realised the depth of knowledge even down to the smallest detail you can have for one specific bike and the amount of changes made small and slightly significant. It can be a little puzzling with all the different names, codes, part numbers and configuration from different models etc however it gets the brain working and learning

  • Great stuff, looking forward to your contributions that's for sure!

  • @dtStevie98 sounds interesting any pictures of it to share