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  • Hi all, after turning 17 last november and itching and scratching for a 125 for months while waiting for a years ncb on my 50, I bought a 2007 dt125re that needed some work doing and finally last monday i got out on the road on it safe to say im in love so i thought id better join this forum and get on with building up my dt how i want it. IMG_7247[1].JPG

  • Hello and welcome to the forum.

    It's a cracking little bike to have at 17 that's for sure!

    First thing I'd look at geting are some fork gaiters before you knacker those seals right out 🙂

    Keep that under lock and key! Enjoy DT Ownership.

  • Hiya, welcome 🙂

    Good looking bike, definitely a good base by looks of it. Then again not a lot can go wrong with these.

  • welcome aboard

  • Welcome you going love the bike, it will grow and grow on you even more especially with doing a few mods to it

  • @H-W01 Nice bike - welcome aboard!!! :thumbs_up_light_skin_tone:

  • @H-W01 wicked bike they are mate, a lot heavier restricted then older DTR’s but still a very quick bike for what they are, I’ve witnessed them destroy every car any of your friends would be able to drive at 17, which after a long day at college is pretty hilarious when they think they’re all flash 😉. Lots of potential and my favourite colour too. Just a few bits of advice for you though with that being your first bike that I’d learned going from my upgraded 150cc four stroke to the DTR. Take it easy, don’t get too confident it’s too easy to do it and not that that’s always a bad thing but when you’re riding a bike with 1/3 of the stopping capabilities (honestly DT breaks are shocking) and nearly double the power of every other 125 you’ll most likely meet. Which brings me to another thing, powerbands. The thing that everyone loves about two strokes is also the thing that can catch you out. Which reminds me, be careful when going around corners! It might sound silly but I caught myself too often leaning around a corner and having to make sure I’m holding the bike under 6k so I don’t touch the throttle and have it hit powerband in the middle of leaning around a corner. It’s sound pretty self explanatory but it’s a lesson I didn’t learn until I was in 2nd/3rd going around the corner where I live and then the throttle snagged a little bit right on the 6-7k rpm mark making the bike just lift up 😂

  • @dtStevie98 Ptsch, the RE's are the easiest to derestrict. And that's the whole fun of riding a smoker, drifting it in the bends on savage knobblies.

    As much as I adore my RE, it was most fun when the brakes were shoddy and I ran knobblies. Much more entertaining. Now it handles amazingly and stops on a dime...too safe!

    Haven't ridden mine for 5 years now lol.

  • cheers everyone, going to order some gaitors today.

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