Question for those that has their dt stolen an recovered

  • When the yamaha dtr gets stolen how is started do they simpley turn the lock with a screwdriver or does the ignition lock need to be removed an wired joined together
    I m asking as my engine is in a diffeent frame an the wires pass through the frame they can't be acessed unless the tank is removed

  • For obvious reasons I won't state how they start them, not that all bike thief's don't already know. But the wires they need are behind the headlight to the ignition barrel.

    Bike thief's don't really use screw drivers, as they're out all night looking for bikes, and if the police stop & search the screwdriver is a going equipped to steal charge.

    Often or not, they'll steal a motorbike off their doorstep, like a moped with no locks on and then bring bolt crops and go out all night looking for more bikes. That's why a lot of stolen motorbikes get found in bushes not far from where another one was stolen. They also use the stolen bike to move yours into an area to start the bike.

    I honestly don't know why people bother nicking motorbikes, it's usually little teenagers to just joyride them. No one steals bikes to make money, you're lucky to see £500 for a new R1M, and they cannot be started without ordering a new ECU and lock set off of Yamaha, which is a hard task to combat bike thefts, IIRC you now need a logbook to order them.

  • On newer bikes the money is in parts, broken down it's profitable. Older popular bikes like the dt are the same.

  • @oldman Older bikes are easy to source frames for. Newer bikes are more complicated to find frames for. Older bikes the engine blows and it's hard to source one, or too expensive to source. So the bike is split into parts and the frame is sold with the logbook. Then someone with a stolen model maybe with a year or two difference in registration will move all the parts into the frame, and have the engine numbers stamped to match the logbook. I always look out for re-stamping when buying a bike, such as the numbers area on the engine being immaculate, in normal use the numbers will be covered in road grime, especially on DT's as they're at the top of the engine where it splits.

  • Oh yea my friends scooter got stolen but it got like half a mile away from where it was stolen. The ignition switch was broken but they didnt even get it to start lmao. But I try to keep my bikes in my garage so they wouldn't get stolen

  • I've got my latest DT project outside till get round to starting on it but have no worries about being stolen, have 3 chains on it with largest chain on rear wheel through ground anchor.

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