Polini vs OKO PWK carburetors

  • So, I am in need of getting a new carb for my DT125R (4bl). I heard from friends that going from the standard 28mm carb to a 30mm is a good option. After looking at my options regarding budget and all I think the best "bang for the buck" would be a 30mm PWK carb.
    Both Polini and OKO PWK carbs are exactly the same price where I'm buying, which one would you guys recommend?

  • @DanielClox how about an intro Daniel,maybe get a better response?

  • In what context is it a good option?

    Is your bike modified or tuned?

    The stock carb is decent. Obviously you will have to jet the new carb accordingly which can be both painstaking and time consuming. Not to mention costly.

    Even then you would probably benefit from the 4DL carb found on belgardas. Which ran the same engine as the dtte. Vhsa 32mm.

  • @Calum The bike is stock. What I have been told is that the stock engine will work well with the 30mm carb. I actually like the stock carb, my problem is that I can't find a repair kit, so I thought, if im buying a new one might aswell go for the 30mm.

    The reason I mentioned the PWKs is the price, these two that I am talking about are about 3x less expensive than a dellorto.

  • @oldman Well, wanted to keep it short. But definitely should have mentioned that the bike was stock

  • There won't be any gains on the stock engine. Not to my knowledge anyhow.

    The mikuni carb is pretty good.

  • @Calum I did not ask if there were going to be performance gains, but thanks for the help, i'll research other options.

  • @DanielClox "Best Bang for Buck" Stick with OEM.

    Why do you need a rebuild kit? What's broken on it?

    My issue will be, you may then comeback and spend hours jetting it. Remember Yamaha spend millions R&D in fueling. And you want to match that as best as possible. Fine if you know what you're doing and have a large budget. But not so great if you're inexperienced and becomes very costly if you get it wrong.

  • @Calum I don't really know. For starters I need the O-ring, which I know where to get, but I just can't get the carb to work. It was working fine and after not using the bike for 2 weeks everything just went nuts.

    I haven't given up on the carb yet, I was just researching other options and had a question between Polini and OKO quality if I were to buy one of those eventually.

  • @DanielClox rebuild kits are all over eBay

  • @DanielClox i mean if you really want to buy a new carb why not? i bought a 36mm keihin pwk since my stock carb was acting up and stuff. also i would go for the polini

  • @claws exactly my thoughts, why not.
    I think I managed to get the stock carb to kinda work but I think it would be interesting to get a new carb down the line.

    I've seen plenty of OKO 30mm working on DTRs so it can't be that hard.

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