Dork bottom Allen bolts

  • Has anyone had any luck shifting these after they have stuck themselves solid into the alloy fork bottoms?
    Heat, WD40 and so on?
    Any info good or bad would be appreciated 😜

  • Airgun with a good quality hex bit normally does the job ; )

  • Don’t have access😕
    Is there anything in the fork bottom that will be destroyed by heat? I’m guessing that there are seals on the Allen bolts?

  • Damn! The Allen bolt rounded 🙄
    What size drill is needed to separate the head from the thread?
    I’m guessing that it’s 8 or 9mm thread?...

  • Sometimes you can compress the leg against the spring and this provides enough friction to allow you to undo it.

  • It wasn’t the damper rod it was stuck in. The head of the Allen bolt was ‘welded’ to the fork bottom alloy. I drilled it out in ecrements till it was 11mm then banged an Allen key in. The ball/swively end of the Allen key keyed into it nicely. What with the heat of the drill and shock it freed off enough to jam a brush handle down the Stanton to hold the damper rod in place and undo the Allen bolt.
    One down, one to go! 🙄

  • @SpookDog on the next one I would try an impact driver. Not the electric drill type but the manual type that you give a sharp blow with a hammer to. They really are amazing tools for those seized solid bolts and I bought mine for £5.99 from one of those large discount stores like what! Or Wilko.

  • Should be a copper sealing washer on bolt, never had a problem removing bolts, all early bikes pre1990. Never say never though.

  • Rounded off the second one 😕 got the bugger out in record time though, same way. I bet they’ve been in there since 88...

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