Poseidon Project (Gaming Computer)

  • So the moment I moved into my home exactly 12 months yesterday, I went out to build my dream computer.

    I always wanted to have a desk PC and I had eyed up this beautiful Lian Li Desk PC and it was my intent to purchase one as my first piece of furniture for my home.

    I didn't want to use my old PC, even though it was still Rapid. So I set about choosing the components for my new home.

    • Intel i9 9900KS
    • Asus Formula Maximus XI Motherboard
    • Corsair Vengeance LP 32GB Ram
    • 2 x Samsung NVME M.2 SSD 500GB
    • Asus Thor 850W PSU
    • Pioneer Blu Ray Drive

    As well as a myriad of other liquid cooling components such as these gorgeous EKWB 100mm Glass Reservoir Pumps. These things are so expensive, that I had to buy them 6 months apart. And to my horror when I came to buy the second pump, EK had discontinued the product 😨

    So I then had to source two new ones, except they've discontinued the 100mm range and anything else simply wouldn't fit the way I want it to!

    I fitted the last component early hours this morning before going to bed. The project has taken me a full 12 months to complete, having to save for all the components. The CPU sat in the loft since I bought it doing nothing. Glad I got it when I did though, Amazon want £3300 for one!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    This is a limited production run of Intels famed i9 9900k. 8 Core 5GHZ on all cores! Utterly rapid!

    alt text

    I got CableMod Custom Cables Pro to power it all. This is some premium wiring for my PC. (Although the ATX cable is FAR too long, I will get another one made up of 20cm to help make the wiring neater)

    alt text

    To me, this is like the Holy Grail for CPUs back then. It's been superseded now, but there is not a lot out there that will touch it for gaming.

    alt text

    I got this superb EKWB Velocity Cooler for it. This alone was £130!

    alt text

    alt text

    Lian Li cases have motherboard trays that remove from the chassis. This is just invaluable and made building it so much easier. I was also able to just use the desk with my other PC in the meantime.

    alt text

    I then basically sat on this for 6 months as I needed to accrue the funds for the next phase.

    alt text

    A serious power supply that has a build in OLED screen giving you real time power draw!

    This motherboard, whilst costing me an arm and a leg, wow is super premium.

    alt text

    The M.2 storage is hidden behind a passively cooled heat sink. Really swanky stuff for home user.

    I then set about thinking how I was going to mount these pumps. I came up with various ideas however, as you will see, I ended up needing to lower the pumps as they were simply too tall!

    alt text

    alt text

    Once the bracket went on them and you have to take into account the wires that come off the bottom, I needed the pumps to hang over the edge of the motherboard tray. So they could not sit anywhere else!

    alt text

    alt text

    So I whipped up some janky bracket to put them in their place and went about dropping it into the case.

    Disaster Struck!

    The pumps on their bracket fouled the radiators. I toyed with repositioning the radiator but this was the only way you could fit the monster 2X240MM radiators.

    Luckily, forseeing that my fabrication skills are not very good, I was sure to order extra materials for the fabrication. So I just extended the bracket to sit further back.

    alt text

    With that in place, I ripped it all out and set about tidying the wiring.

    This case is on two electrical motors and can be raised or lowered and has four presets that you can save and customise.

    I also added in:

    • 4 x Corsair 120mm MLR RGB Fans
      • Controlled using a Corsair Commander
    • 4 EKWB 120mm RGB Vadar Fans

    So the wiring for that needed to be coupled so that they run off the same PWM and hidden.

    alt text

    alt text

    There are still other things I need for this.

    I am awaiting the next generation of RTX cards to be released. This will be liquid cooled with the secondary pump/radiator setup. Which hasn't been plumbed in yet.

    I did a terrible job of plumbing the coolant lines, I have been sat on 4K worth of computing equipment doing virtually nothing, enough was enough I decided so I threw it all together over the last few months.

    I need a new mouse as mine is from a previous build and has gone all manky.

    I predominantly write software and my Hall Effect Keyboard is missing various keys which are needed to write C 😃

    As well as that, I want the latest 4K Pioneer Blu Ray Drive! But the prices are extortionate!

    But I thought i would throw this up here for my own sakes to look at.


  • Hats off to you Calum, wouldn't know where to start! A bit meaty just for the forum though 😁
    Stupid question from an old git but is this gaming super computer or just mining for bitcoins😉

  • @oldman It's just for playing games, not that I really do that. As you say, it's just for browsing forums, watching YouTube/TV and writing code on.

    I may play a game here and there but it's more about the build than anything else.

  • Man's got to have a hobby buddy, doing the TDR this winter but got to free up some space, want to get the blue bike on display somewhere safe. Everyone that's seen it wants to buy it, nah!!

  • The Endurance Blue is one of my favourite colours to be honest.

    I always wanted a Red and White one, then I saw Scrims restoration on his blue one and I was just sold!

    You done a sterling job on that!

  • @Calum beautiful build

  • That's some space age stuff. I haven't played a comp game since 2009 😂 but I'm considering a console for the winter 🙂

  • @Louis-DT-WR ps5 is coming out soon

  • @Calum said in Poseidon Project (Gaming Computer):

    @oldman It's just for playing games, not that I really do that. As you say, it's just for browsing forums, watching YouTube/TV and writing code on.

    I may play a game here and there but it's more about the build than anything else.

    That's a ridiculously nice build but I am sort of hoping you're being sarcastic there, if you only did it for bragging rights and being able to watch cute cat videos on youtube well... I wouldn't have taken a plunge like that. Even for 4k gaming, this is way overkill for most games unless you're fanatical about both quality and quantity. Still, it remains a very crisp and tidy looking setup which most people won't have so hats off to you!

  • @Minia I don't own or want to own a TV. So this doubles up as a TV. The desk has four presets so when you are sat on the sofa you can lower it down to eye level.

    I can justify the cost because its the main feature of my living room and I bought it over twelve months. So it's like financed whip 😊

    I was eyeing up my Steam library and there isn't a single game that I want to install lol. But I wouldn't mind getting Forza Horizon.

  • @Calum Oh I have no complaints, but it makes it a very expensive TV. I have't played Forza, but I have enjoyed Project Cars a good deal with the wheel setup and a Valve Index VR headset. Honestly great stuff, cheaper than having a track day car for sure lol. Enjoy your fantastic setup man 🙂

  • @Minia I do need VR to be fair. I've never used a VR headset, but I think I would be so absorbed by racing games in VR.

  • @Calum I've been in the VR game for four years now. Honestly it's phenomenal how things have progressed, the amount of games which feel like they come from professional studios is still limited but the experience and immersion you can get is fantastic. I'm helping to develop a WW2 mecha-tank VR game at the moment, exciting stuff since that is kind of my niche. I enjoy the co-op stuff. Still early days for VR though, but Project Cars is one of those games that have full VR support and feels great.

  • @Calum the vr racing games are dope I used a controller must be mega if you also have the steering wheel

  • @declan You seen mixed reality? That was next level


  • @Calum when he took a drink of the cola i thought it was real lol

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