DT125R vs DT200R Exhaust.

  • Hi All,

    Long-time lurker here. It's time to join up and ask a question I can't get a straight answer to...

    Will a DEP pipe for DT125R ('88-03) fit a DT200R? I don't see why not.

    Thanks for your wisdom.

  • @DT200R_CDN I don't think it will hence why @Louis-DT-WR used an FMF on his 3XP00.

  • @Calum Isn't a 3XP00 a WR200? I'm talking 3MH DT200R -- which is the brother of DT125R (3BN, 3DB, 3BP and 3DD) Same frame, bottom end, most everything else...

  • The answer is in the question, the main difference between the two was just the Displacement.

    DT200R - 3ET Yes?

  • 3ET? I don't know. My bike has a 3MH sticker on the frame -- and my factory service manual is a DT125R (3BN, 3DB, 3BP and 3DD) with a small DT200RW 3MH supplement.... I find this confusing as 3ET bikes are 100% identical as far as I can tell.
    What I do know is this DT200R is exactly the same as an aluminium-swingarm DT125R but for displacement, carb bits, fork internals and an extra radiator... and minor exhaust differences (but I don't know what apart from the joint gasket arrangement).

  • Apparently the dt200r can have a 125r dep pipe but it's not the correct spec for that cylinder, also the exhaust port is bigger on the 3et

    I have both dt200wr/ wr200 cylinders on my bikes..... 1 with the dep and other FMF

    I see AliExpress see dt230 pipes I wonder if that's a option

  • It will fit when it comes to the frame mounts, but I checked if the Athena exaust will work on 3ET 200cc, and it didnt, the OEM pipe was way better. The best aftermarket pipe for WR200/DT200R in my opinion is fmf which needs some minor mods near the silencer connection.

  • Worth bearing in mind that the porting etc is different between the 200WR and the 200R

    There are pipes available around the world specifically for the 200R but the only ones I've seen are in Japan and quite pricey - maybe Pro-Skill or RSV make them

    Probably better off with a stock expansion chamber and a after-market silencer unless you want to invest in an expensive inport

  • I think the best deal I could get on a Pro Skill DT200R - 3ET Expansion pipe only was around Β£650 imported. πŸ˜‚

    They are top notch though, and really hold their value in Japanese Auctions.

    alt text

  • Two strokes were once the bike of choice for people on low incomes, in the UK they are rapidly becoming the preserve of folk with lots of cash to spend on rare parts now πŸ˜‰

    I was looking for a 200R lump to go into my 3SH TDR125 but have pretty much given up as they are impossible to find over here right now.

    Unit 5 Moto's had a rough one up a few weeks back for soemthing like £2200 which sold in days - there are no bargains to be had with anything DT related at all it seems 😞

  • @Nottsbiker All about them 4 bangers now.

    My brother recently moved off his 125 onto a ZX6R. He's used it a handful of times as he rocked up to mine on his Cagiva. What happened bro? Ahh Cagiva is more fun πŸ˜›

  • @Nottsbiker Even the French market's prices are rising steadily. 3 years ago you could've bought a mint DT125R with 10k km for around 1.2-14k euros. Today you would be looking at about 1.8-2k, maybe higher now.

  • Could try this..... #Aliexpress οΏ‘124.71 | Exhaust pipe for DT230 MT250 TSE250 std motorcycle off road parts dt 250cc

  • @Minia

    Yes been bumped up by the English guy (Franek) and Unit 5 etc going over there and hoovering them all up, then banging a few quid on top and selling them here - think everyone is cottoning onto the fact that two strokes are no longer going to lose money so are "worth" more now

    2+ years ago I accidentally bought a Belgarda TDR125 from ebay late one night which turned out to be a complete dog. Due to the lock down I've decided to slowly rebuild it and am using genuine parts or high quality pattern as I know that long term it will be a good investment. Whilst I know that it wont be worth as much as a DT-R that's irrelevant to me as I've had my share of them but also have the DT200WR which fills the same gap.

  • @Calum it’s always more fun to think your going fast than when your actually going fast

  • Often it's said, better to use 100% of his 125 than 10% of his ZX.

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